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Looking for a job on campus? Working for University Residences allows you to work within walking distance of classes, home and campus activities. There are a number of positions available through University Residences and University Dining Services. Positions offer flexible hours to accommodate classes and study time. Gain great professional experience, increase your skills and add to your resume. Check out the job options available!

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During the academic year, 143 part-time student employees provide leadership, administrative support and customer service within Western’s residential communities. Academic-year positions start in September and end in June. Job titles marked with an asterisk (*) require you to live on campus. Workload ranges from 10 to 19 hours per week depending on the position.

Resident/Apartment Advisor* person_searchOpen!

The Resident Advisors and Apartment Advisors play an important role in community development, developing relationships, providing general support to residents, and in helping to achieve the mission of University Residences.

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Inclusion Assistant 

The Inclusion Assistant position is an active paraprofessional leadership role in the residence halls, supporting the development and maintenance of a positive and inclusive learning environment.

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Desk Attendant 

The Desk Attendant (DA) position provides front line and building operations service to students, staff and the residential community, in support of the University Residences mission.

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Housing Ambassador*

Housing Ambassadors are members of the Housing marketing team. As tour room hosts, they interact with a diverse range of prospective students and their families. Trained and supervised by University Residences marketing staff, ambassadors showcase their room on tour days and provide a unique student perspective on Housing’s social media.

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Residential Office Assistant

The Residential Office Assistant (ROA) plays a key role in providing administrative support to the Resident Director (RD). In communities where there is both a Supervising Resident Director (SRD) and Assistant Resident Director (ARD), the ROA will provide administrative support to both professional staff members. ROAs will assist in coordinating essential community activities such as tracking residential curriculum, mail pick up, purchasing, and managing administrative processes.

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Information Desk Attendant

Under the direction of the Communications Consultant, the University Residences Housing Information Desk is an academic year position with most students returning to the position every year until graduation. Summer full-time hours are available, and applicants with summer availability may be given priority. Position hours vary between 5-15 hours per week and are adjusted to meet class schedules. Some priority for hours is given to students based upon tenure.

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COVID Support Assistant (CSA)

The COVID Support Assistant position is an important role that will assist University Residences in our efforts to minimize the impact of the COVID pandemic on students, staff and the institution. This core group of student leaders will support the COVID Response Resident Director in all aspects of isolation and quarantine space including the set-up of space and care packages, daily check-ins with students, and all administrative aspects of tracking and managing space. COVID Support Assistants will engage in attestation badge checking in dining halls and other public areas throughout our communities and will assist in outreach and education on all COVID-19 related policies including daily health attestations, testing, and best practices to promote health and safety of the campus community. COVID Support Assistants will be directly responsible for meal delivery to students in isolation and quarantine space in addition to students who are self-isolating.

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Residential Conduct Assistant  

The Residential Conduct Assistant (RCA) plays a key role in providing administrative support to the University Residences Conduct Officer/Case Manager (CO/CM) and the University Residences conduct system. This position also hears some low level conduct cases at times in order to reduce case load on Resident Directors. The RCA will assist in maintaining staff access to the conduct database (Advocate), assist with administrative functions of the Ethics Workshop, assist in updating templates within the conduct database, as well as running reports and collaborating with the CO/CM and conduct committee members to administrate and develop the overall UR conduct process.

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There are a number of year-round jobs for students, these positions provide office assistance, customer service and technology support. It is preferable for applicants to have lived on campus for at least a year. Job titles marked with an asterisk (*) require you to live on campus. Workload ranges from 10 to 19 hours per week depending on the positions and full-time work may be available during breaks and summer.

Accounting Assistant *

The Student Accounting Assistant reports to the University Residences Fiscal Analyst and works an average of 15-19 hours per week. Starting wage commensurate with experience, but the position typically starts at Level 1 with opportunities for promotion based on the successful addition of more complex duties.

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Student Warehouse Transportation Helperperson_search Open!

Assist in loading and unloading; trucks and vans; uses dollies, hand trucks and other equipment; perform pick-up, transfer and delivery of equipment, supplies and materials, building furnishings, construction materials, guest housing and conference supplies, and refuse.

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Housing Facilities Assistant (HFA)person_search Open!

UR’s HFA program plays an important role in the daily operations of UR Facilities (URF) supporting student community development, providing general support to residents, and helping to achieve the overall mission of UR.

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ResTek Consultant

ResTek Consultants provide instruction and assistance to students living on campus in the form of room visits, phone, and email communications. ResTek focuses on network/Internet connection issues, responsible network use, cable TV and IPTV support. Consultants work a flexible schedule, with an emphasis on educating students about their technology so that they may solve future problems.

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ResTek Data Analyst

The ResTek Data Analyst will work with the Assistant Director of IT and the Web Systems Developer to identify, create, and maintain dashboards, reports, and data visualizations for University Residences staff that support them in answering key questions supporting their work to fulfill the department mission and operational goals.

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ResTek Front-End Web Developer

As the ResTek Front-End Web Developer you will implement front-end solutions connecting design with functionality for the University Residences website. You will translate project specifications into design implementations, integrate front-end designs with REST APIs, collaborate with other developers to optimize front-end web performance, implement responsive and reactive web designs. You will use front-end frameworks, and contribute to our code base while adhering to the team’s version control workflow. You will document implementation decisions and justifications and stay current with emerging front-end technologies and practices.

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ResTek Lab Coordinator

ResTek maintains 12 computer labs and 5 entertainment centers in the WWU residence halls in order to provide academic and co-curricular access to technology for students living on campus. Our goal is to maintain a user experience consistent with that of the labs in academic buildings on campus, providing software, printing and connection to the internet.

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ResTek Server Administrator

ResTek’s Server Administrators are responsible for maintaining the servers that support the University Residences department and the network in the residence halls. ResTek manages the web presence of University Residences and provides many critical web applications that a range of students and staff use every day.

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ResTek Software Developer

The ResTek development team is responsible for the development and maintenance of all in-house software for University Residences, as well as interfacing with third-party solutions used by the department. As a ResTek Software Developer, you will be responsible for primarily web-based and data-driven software for students and staff. Our team emphasizes a JavaScript stack with NodeJS on the backend and Vue on the frontend. We also support a sizeable Python codebase. This position is focused mostly on back-end programming and will evolve with your strengths.

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ResTek Web Designer

As a ResTek Web Designer you will be responsible for building and maintaining websites for ResTek and University Residences. You will work collaboratively in a small web development team. You will contribute to an existing style guide by creating content and designing web pages within a content management system. You will work with students and staff within University Residences to create and update content accurately, reliably, and on-time.

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ResTek Web & Graphic Designer

The Web & Graphic Designer creates and edits a variety of print and digital publications that support University Residences’ services and programs. The Web & Graphic Designer designs and implements content for the ResTek and University Residences websites, and participates in the ongoing alignment of these two sites with WWU’s brand. The designer works with ResTek colleagues and content creators and users to create interfaces that offer the best user experience possible.

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There are a number of full-time job opportunities to assist with summer campus and conferences mid-June through August or September. Job titles marked with an asterisk (*) require you to live on campus, while others may have the option of living on campus for a reduced rate.

Summer Student Custodian *

In order to maintain our facilities throughout the summer conference season and to prepare them for fall, a rigorous housekeeping program employs 40 full-time student custodians. The student custodian works 40 hours per week, along with some evenings and weekends.

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Summer Student Facilities Assistant *

Under the supervision of the Facilities Associate Director, the student works 40 hours per week along with some evenings and weekends. Housing accommodations in Birnam Wood are available to student the Facilities Assistant for the summer at a discounted rate.

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Conference Services Assistant (CSA)

CSAs are part of the larger 25-person team for Guest & Housing Operations Summer Conference Housing staff. Typically, there are 12-14 Conference Service Assistants (CSA) on summer staff.

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Conference Housing Assistant Coordinator (CHAC)

CHACs are part of the larger 25 person team for Guest & Housing Operations Summer Conference Housing staff. Typically, there are 4 CHACs on summer staff.

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Conference Desk Manager

DMs are part of the larger 25-person team for Guest & Housing Operations Summer Conference Housing staff. Typically, there are 4-6 Desk Managers (DM) on Summerstaff. The DMs are focused on front-line service, continuous presence at the front desk scheduling, and “dispatching” appropriate staff for on-site guest needs.

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Overnight Athletic Camp Counselor

Residence Life is seeking a Black Affinity Program Assistant.
Black Affinity-based housing, located in the newly-built Alma Clark Glass Hall, is designed to assist members of the Black identified community in supporting each other. It helps to create an added level of psychological comfort and safety for those who choose to live in those spaces.

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There are a number of one-time job opportunities for students, these positions provide support for different housing projects throughout the year. Time of year and hours required vary from job to job

Western Welcome Team Leader 

This fall during move-in, WWU will welcome over 4,000 new on-campus residents. Western Welcome Team Leaders are paid student positions working to administer the move-in plan in their assigned area, lead and train Western Welcome Team volunteers, and monitor the overall flow of people, cars and items in their assigned campus area.


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Western Welcome Team Volunteer

The Western Welcome Team is a volunteer opportunity for students to welcome over 4,000 new on-campus residents while assisting with move in.


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Faculty and Staff Move-in Volunteer Program person_searchOpen!

This is program is an annual opportunity for faculty and staff to volunteer their time to welcome over 4,000 new on-campus residents while assisting with move-in. Sign-up will open May 16th.


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