Housing Timeline

Western uses the quarter system and new students start each quarter. Check out the timeline date below for new students with an admission term of fall, winter or spring quarter. New students starting at the university in spring or summer should plan to submit two housing applications: one for spring/summer housing, and one for housing during the academic-year starting in fall quarter. For more information on this, contact Housing at housing@wwu.edu.

1. Apply for housing online

Once the housing application opens you can apply for housing. Select the application for the term you’ve been admitted, then complete the housing application. Select your housing preferences, take a roommate survey, and accept the Housing Agreement. After you submit your application you can track your status in MyHousing. Late applications may be subject to temporary assignment or space availability.

Priority Application Period:

Fall Quarter

Feb. 1 - May 1

Winter Quarter

Oct. 15 - Nov. 30

Spring Quarter

Jan. 15 - March 1

2. Check MyHousing for notice of deposit due

From February 1st through May 1st, housing applicants who have confirmed admission will be prompted in MyHousing to pay the $200 housing deposit. Do not pay your deposit until you receive notice of deposit due; early payments will be returned.

Notification Begins:

Fall Quarter

Mid February

Winter Quarter

Early December

Spring Quarter

Early March

3. Pay your deposit online or through the mail

Once you’ve received the message in MyHousing that your deposit is due follow the payment instructions to make your deposit. Check your deposit status in MyHousing a few business days after submitting or mailing your payment to make sure it goes through. If you have not paid your deposit by the deadline, we will cancel your application.

Deposit Deadline:

Fall Quarter

June 15

Winter Quarter

Dec. 15

Spring Quarter

March 15

4. Roommate Manager

March 10 - May 1: Applicants who pay the $200 housing deposit become eligible to use Roommate Manager in the housing portal, search for a compatible roommate and create a roommate group.

Fall Quarter

March 10 – May 1

5. Check MyHousing for your room selection/assignment


Room selection runs July 5 – August 15. Opening times are based upon the size of your group, your Housing priority date and if you have asked for a themed community.

If you do not select a room by the room selection deadline, we will assign your room.

Visit Room Selection for more information.

Please note: Fall 2023 residents will select a meal plan during Room Selection.

Fall Quarter

July 5 – August 15 | Room Selection

Aug. 16-31 | Assignments made for students who do not select a room


We will post information about your room assignment in your housing portal. Be sure to touch base with your room/suitemates to get acquainted and discuss what each of you plans to bring for your room.

Note: the date you applied for Western will serve as your priority date for room selection and during the assignment process, not the date you applied for housing.

Winter Quarter

Rooms assigned late December

Spring Quarter

Rooms assigned late March

Requirements & Eligibility

New students can apply for fall housing starting Feb. 1. New students who complete the housing application process by the appropriate deadlines are prioritized for housing their first year at Western (or for the rest of the academic year if admitted mid-year).

To live on campus, undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of eight credits per quarter during the academic year, and five credits during summer quarter.

When you apply, you also accept Western’s Housing Agreement. The contract states that you plan to live on campus from your move in date through the end of the academic year. Moving out before the end of the school year will result in a contract breakage fee, except in cases of graduation, school withdrawal, study abroad or internship.

While new Western students receive housing priority, University Residences may grant housing requests to other student applicants as space allows.

Housing Appeals

University Residences provides an avenue for students who experience contractual difficulties (such as Housing Application on hold due to space availability, disagreement with the assessment of a housing charge against their account, etc).

For more information visit Housing Appeals.