Conference Services Assistant

Position Summary

  • CSAs are part of the larger 25-person team for Guest & Housing Operations Summer Conference Housing staff. Typically, there are 12-14 Conference Service Assistants (CSA) on Summerstaff.
  • CSAs:
    • Focus on completing daily responsibilities, serving conference guest needs and preparing materials for upcoming conference arrivals.
    • Provide positive customer service through direct communication with conference guests, respond to guest needs over the phone or in person and emphasize interpersonal communication.
    • Offer a high degree of flexibility as conference needs, tasks and responsibilities can vary.
    • Supervised by the Manager and Program Coordinator of Guest & Housing Operations.
    • May perform collateral work with other University Residences teams

Primary Responsibilities

Provide Conference On-Site Preparation and Assist with Daily Operations

  • Complete tasks to ensure conference readiness such as key prep for guests, guest paperwork, perform room/building inspections, and enter data into management software. 

  • Facilitate check-ins and check-outs of conference guests with professional customer service and communication.  

  • Complete tasks with a physical component of lifting & carrying, such as delivering conference items to various buildings on campus, setting up directional sandwich boards, and transporting inventory to and from storage areas. 

  • Facilitate accurate key management and maintenance of all residential keys. 

  • Identify and report building and safety issues.  

  • Create and maintain signs and bulletin boards for all buildings. 

  • Help maintain a clean and organized work environment. 

Demonstrate Strong Communication, Teamwork and Cross-Cultural Awareness

  • Consistently work collaboratively in small groups to accomplish daily assigned tasks.
  • Attend, engage, and participate in daily staff meetings.
  • Build working relationships with other Summerstaff members through positive and constructive communication.
  • Deliver timely communication and follow-up with peers, guests and supervisor.
  • Employ varied communication methods to meet a diverse range of conference guests.
  • Engage in professional interactions with diverse guests, peers and WWU staff that are culturally aware and inclusive of all identities.
  • Please note: Due to the changing landscape of summer conferences, the number of events may increase or decrease in the coming months. This position may support other University Residences teams with room readiness, key management, and other duties as assigned.

Participate in Overnight, Dining Hall & Immediate Response Rotation

  • Participate in a rotating on-call system serving as the first responder to problem solve the conference guest needs. Rotations include:
    • Overnight Duty (9p – 9am): Spend the night in an assigned residence hall, perform nightly security checks, serve as staff visibility in the community, and respond to conference guest needs.
    • Dining Hall Duty (2-3 hours around each meal time): Monitoring dining room during meals to provide general oversight of dining room rules and space management during high volume meals
    • Day Duty (9am – 9pm): Available to respond to guest or conference needs and transport guest housing inventory across campus, may also work at front desk providing break coverage.

Provide overnight support and supervision for camps with Minors on campus as needed. 

  • Scheduled work from 7:30-8:00pm - 8:15am, each day of camp. 

  • There is a pre-assigned set group of staff working for each camp. 

  • For each camp, CSAs will move into a residence hall on the 1st night of camp  

  • CSAs will gather on the 1st night (at 7:30pm) of each camp for a pre-camp meeting including: 

  • Pick up camper rosters  

  • Review of camp specific details (i.e., pick-up time & location, bed checks & wake up times) and scheduling needs 

  • Any additional information from Supervisor regarding camp 

  • Identify Point/Lead CSA for camp to hold duty phone 

  • Last day of camp: CSAs will vacate their room and return keys to Ridge desk by 9:00am. 

  • Each camp will be assigned a point CSA to streamline communication upward.  

  • The Point CSA will be given a WWU cell phone only for designated use and will be returned to management at close of camp. 

Required Qualifications


  1. Be currently enrolled at WWU or be officially admitted for Fall 2023.

  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

    1. Fairhaven College student candidates must be in good academic standing with Fairhaven College Administration.

  3. Good standing in conduct and payment status.

  4. Good standing in any current employment position at WWU (if applicable).

  5. Experience working with teams and groups.

  6. Experience with customer service.

  7. Adaptable and flexible in response to frequent requests or changing needs.

  8. Clear and effective communicator.

  9. Demonstrated ability to work in a diverse environment.

  10. Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

  11. Ability to lift or carry up to 20 lbs. and sit or stand for long periods, with or without reasonable accommodation.

  12. Successfully pass background and criminal conviction check upon hiring.

    1. University Residences Guest Housing Program is committed to the welfare and safety of children. All applicants may be asked to provide references that would be checked and consent to a criminal -background check. All selected individuals must comply with the University's policies, procedures and conduct expectations for child-related programs.

Desirable Attributes and Skillsets

  • Experience with completing tasks that require a high level of attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in small teams, self-organize, and manage time effectively.
  • High familiarity with WWU departments/offices, resources and buildings around campus.
  • Ability to grasp and apply new concepts quickly and efficiently.

Selection Timeline

Application Opens: February 6, 2023 

Application Closes: March 24, 2023 - 5pm 

Job Offers Sent to All Selected Finalists: April 14, 2023 

Offer Decisions Due from Selected Finalists: April 18, 2023 

Conference Staff Move In: June 11, 2023 

Conference Staff Training: June 12 – 16, 2023 

Terms of Employment

  1. Meet on-campus housing (based on position) and work hour requirements for term of contract: June 11, 2022- August 21, 2022.

  2. Work an average of 40 hours per week, including evenings, weekends, holidays, and breaks.

  3. Receive a compensation package including housing, meal plan, and $1,400 monthly stipend (4.5 pay periods during the contract). Housing accommodation: your own room in a residence hall suite shared with other conference staff.

  4. Required: move in to assigned residence hall June 11, 2022; participate in seven days of mandatory training.

  5. Obtain supervisory approval to enroll in summer classes. No more than 5 credits.

  6. Refrain from any curricular or extra-curricular activities that may require significant time commitments. Must obtain supervisory approval for outside commitments that may interfere with job duties.

  7. Fulfill position requirements.

About Us

University Residences can host over 8,000 camp and conference guests in our buildings during the summer. They will range from infants to 90 years of age and will arrive from all over the world. They come to Western to attend regional, national, and international conferences and training workshops, as well as youth academic and sport camps. In order to best serve these guests, we hire students to serve as Conference Service Assistants and Conference Housing Assistant Coordinators. These positions work to accommodate guest needs and requests while providing a high level of customer service. Under the direct supervision of the Manager of Guest & Housing Operations, summer student staff are expected to provide a housing experience that is safe and secure while maximizing the living and learning experience for all individuals.

Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

Western Washington University does not discriminate in its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and parenting status), disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status or genetic information. Inquiries may be directed to the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity & Employment Diversity, Title IX and ADA Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office, WWU, Old Main 345, MS 9021, 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225; 360-650-3307 (voice) or 711 (Washington Relay);