La Comunidad

What is La Comunidad?

La Comunidad Housing aims to create and promote a positive and supportive space while empowering you to become prominent campus leaders. 

Through connections to other students with similar interests and/or cultural backgrounds and connections to faculty and academic support on campus, you can shape your intellectual journey while changing the face of the university.  



(pronounced la·ˈ ti· ne)

is a gender-neutral form of the word Latino, created by LGBTQIA+, gender non-binary, and feminist communities in Spanish speaking countries. The objective of the term Latine is to remove gender from the Spanish word Latino, by replacing it with the gender-neutral Spanish letter E. This idea is native to the Spanish language and can be seen in many gender-neutral words like “estudiante." 


Affinity Housing

Affinity-based housing is an institutional structure designed to assist members of historically marginalized identities in supporting each other. It helps to create an added level of psychological comfort and safety, such as an added sense of belonging and proximity to others who share that desire. Studies show an increase in persistence from members in these communities.   

Why should I choose to live in this community? 

  • An opportunity for Latine students to explore connections and build community 
  • Be part of a network of culturally sensitive faculty members, administrators, and fellow students 
  • Access the rich variety of opportunities available at WWU such as café y conversacion, Latin American Studies Dialogues, cultural events, and academic support 
  • Mentorship opportunities from faculty members, staff, and students at WWU 

Community Highlights  

  • Connections to faculty and staff 
  • Accessible peer-to-peer learning
  • Cultural learning and exploration
  • Intentional co-curricular learning opportunities such as Sea Mar Museum trip 

What to Expect

Residents in La Comunidad are encouraged to participate in periodic community programming and dialogues intended to build community, promote learning, and support wellness centering the Latine student experience. Staff will organize opportunities for residents to attend events and general university programs as a group. Examples of programmatic opportunities include:  

  • Early Arrival ProgramStudents living in La Comunidad have the opportunity to move-in early and attend programs and events to connect with other students, faculty, staff and members of the Bellingham community.
  • Dialogue with members of the Bellingham community focused on the Latine student experience on campus and in the city of Bellingham  
  • Tour of the Multicultural Center at WWU  
  • Trip to Sea Mar Museum 
  • Dialogues hosted by the Inclusion Assistants  
  • I am Poetry event and open mic night  
  • Connections with Latine identified staff and faculty on campus through events and community meals  

Request La Comunidad  

Interested in La Comunidad? Select La Comunidad on your housing application to apply. Any student committed to the purpose and goals of La Comunidad, regardless of identity, is welcome to apply. 


2024-25 La Comunidad is located in our newest building, Alma Clark Glass Hall.

  • Single, double, and triple rooms are available. 
  • A limited number of rooms with bath are also available.

Please contact with questions.

Disability Access

University Residences works in partnership with the Disability Access Center (DAC). Students requesting accommodation must complete both a Housing application and a DAC Needs Assessment. For details and timeline, visit Housing’s Disability Accommodation.   


We welcome your questions about La Comunidad Housing. Contact for more information.