Resident Checkout Program

Resident Checkout Program

Interested in saving money during your time on campus? Take advantage of our Resident Checkout Program, available to all on-campus residents free of charge!  

Short-term Checkout  

All residence halls on campus offer free 24-hour checkouts of household and recreational items. With more than 1,600 items with a combined worth of over $32,000, students are encouraged to take advantage of this fantastic resource during their time on campus. Typical residence hall inventory includes vacuums, brooms, irons, moving carts, space heaters, games, sports equipment, and more. Check with your friendly front desk attendant to see what is available in your resident hall. 

Long-term Checkout  

The Residence Hall Reuse Program is a donation-run program for on-campus residents to check out gently used residence hall essentials free of charge for the entire academic year (Special accommodations can be made for quarter-long checkouts). Inventory available for check-out includes residence hall essentials like microwaves, mini-fridges, storage shelves, lighting, mirrors, and more. With more than 460 items valued at over $19,000, you can save money by participating in this program.

Priority audiences, including international, out-of-state, first-generation, and PEL-grant eligible students, will be able to reserve items starting August 15th, 2022. Reservations for all on-campus residents will open August 22nd, 2022.  

Program benefits: 

  1. By offering students quality residence hall essentials for free, living on-campus becomes more accessible and affordable.  

  1. By keeping items in use longer, we can work together to reduce our solid waste footprint within the residence halls.  

  1. By emphasizing sustainability education and the benefits of a circular economy, we can engage students’ critical thinking about personal consumption and foster students’ community engagement. 


Each residence hall has their own inventory of items available for 24-hour checkout unless otherwise noted. Talk to your friendly front desk attendant to see what is available. New additions to residence hall inventories are purchased with based upon student demand or as needed.



  1. Bring your Western ID Card to your residence hall’s front desk (PDF) during posted business hours.  

  1. Check out for 24 hours, or allowed checkout period.  

  1. Return cleaned items during posted business hours.   



  • Brooms  

  • Vacuums  

  • Space Heaters  

  • Moving Carts/ Dollies  

  • Irons 

  • Board games 

  • Sports equipment 

  • Tools 

  • Electronics 

For a full list of items available by community, see short term Inventory (PDF). This inventory is updated at the start of each quarter.   

Popular room essentials are available for long-term checkout through the Residence Hall Reuse Program via donations from on-campus residents. Gently used donations are cleaned, tested, and labeled before they are added to existing inventory.   


Residents check out items for the whole academic year by default. Quarter-long checkouts can be arranged upon request. There is no item limit for check-outs. 

 Inventory curated for the 2022-2023 academic year includes:  

  • Minifridges  

  • Microwaves  

  • Kitchen appliances  

  • Storage shelves and bins  

  • Laundry hampers 

  • Shower caddies 

  • Rugs 

  • Full-length mirrors 

  • Lamps 

  • Dishes and Tupperware 

  • And much more!  

Reservations for the 2022-23 school year will open to priority audiences* August 15th. Reservations for all on-campus residents will open August 22nd.   

*Priority audiences for this program include: PEL grant recipients, first-gen students, out-of-state students, and international students.   



  1. Review the available inventory, noting the specific item code (letter and number) for each item of interest. *(NOTE: Available Inventory is ONLY accessible through a WWU account.)

  2. Complete the reservation form for all items you are interested in reserving. For high-demand categories such as fridges and microwaves, it is recommended you denote first, second, and third choices as items are sometimes reserved faster than the list can be manually updated. If an item you’re very interested in is already reserved (but the waitlist is not full), please indicate that you’d like to be placed on the waitlist. 

  3. Once the reservation form has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox with a list of your reservations and a blank liability waiver. 

  4. Please note: To secure your reservation(s), you must complete and return the liability waiver within three business days of receipt. Please keep a close watch on your Western email after you submit your reservation request. If a fully completed liability waiver is not returned after three business days, your reservation(s) will be canceled, and the item(s) will be made available to other students. 

Please note: Students are responsible for all transportation of reserved items from Edens North to their residence hall (a limited number of moving carts will be provided). 



  1. Please complete and submit the Return Form. You may return items anytime during the school year. 

  2. Check your liability waiver to ensure that you have collected all checked-out items for return. If you have lost your physical copy, check back through your initial reservation confirmation to find your digital copy. 

  3. Ensure that all items are cleaned (minifridges MUST be clean to be accepted for return). 

  4. You will receive a return confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting your return form. Set up a drop-off appointment using instructions provided in this confirmation email. Items must be dropped off at our inventory headquarters on the first floor of Edens North (contact our office for disability accommodation). 

Brought too much during move in? Have appliances you never use? Moving off-campus and don’t want to take your items with you? Give your items a second life by donating them to the Recovery Drive! We accept… 

  • Minifridges 

  • Microwaves 

  • Small Appliances 

  • Storage Bins and Racks 

  • Technology 

  • Lighting 

  • Shower Caddies 

  • Laundry Hampers 

  • Mirrors 

  • Twin XL Sheets, Comforters, and Clean Pillows* 

*In coordination with Whatcom county’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS), we also accept clean pillows, Twin XL Sheets, Twin XL Comforters, and Twin XL mattress covers (NOT mattress pads). These items will be donated to community members in need. 

Poster Reads: Recovery Drive. Don't Let Your Used Items Go To Waste. Let others reuse them!



Set up a donation appointment with us HERE anytime during the year. Or, if you want to donate items when you move out, give them to our Recovery Drive Campaign! Just drop off your items in the blue donation barrels located in your residence hall lounge from Spring Prep Week through Finals Week. Email us if you have any questions!  

Resident Responsibilities

Items should be properly returned either at the end of the agreed upon period or before the resident checks out of the room. Failure to do so will be processed via appropriate conduct and/or student billing measures in accordance with Community Standards

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or quandaries, feel free to email us at Follow our Instagram @wwu.housing.sustainability for regular program updates.