Pride Housing: An LGBTQ+ Living Learning Community

Pride Housing provides a home for students who are particularly seeking an LGBTQ+ affirming and gender-inclusive living experience.  

Goals of Pride Housing

  •  To build a caring and connected community among residents in Pride Housing. 
  •  To provide students with opportunities for learning about development of their own multidimensional personal and social identities. 
  •  To connect residents with resources across campus that promote academic success and personal wellness. 


  • Pride Housing is located in Buchanan Towers, a seven story brick building in the south neighborhood of campus.
  • Housing Application requirements:  Students interested in Pride Housing must select neutral gender on the Declared Housing Gender, and their request for Pride Housing is sent to the Pride program for coding as eligible.
  • Roommates: students in Pride Housing may only select roommates who have also declared their gender as neutral for Housing purposes.  
  • Buchanan Towers is a suite-style building. The typical room configuration is an indoor hallway with doors that open to units that contain two bedrooms, a small living area, a kitchen and a shared bathroom that is lockable.
  • University Residences works in partnership with the Disability Access Center (DAC). Students requesting accommodation must complete both a Housing application and a DAC Needs Assessment. For details and timeline visit our website. 

What to Expect

Residents in Pride Housing will be encouraged to participate in periodic community programming and dialogues intended to build community, promote learning, and support wellness. Staff will also organize opportunities for residents to attend both LGBTQ+ specific and general university programs and events as a group. 


We welcome your questions about Pride Housing. Please contact Holly Diaz at or 360-650-6589 for more information.