Maintenance Requests

Emergency Issues

For emergency issues, such as sewage spills, gas, heat, water, or electrical issues, etc., contact your resident advisor on call, or your community’s front desk, as soon as possible.

For larger, serious, and immediate dangers, contact the University Police Department (UPD) at 360-650-3555.

Maintenance Requests

Routine repairs such as clogged sinks and toilets, burnt out light bulbs, broken blinds, leaky faucets, power outlets, light switches, heaters, etc., custodial actions in public spaces, furniture issues, and other maintenance related problems can be addressed by submitting a maintenance request below.

Request Maintenance

How to Register on ReADY

If you are having issues processing requests or need additional assistance, please email

When reporting a maintenance issue, you are giving WWU staff permission to enter your room/apartment in order to address the issue reported. Staff will follow University Residence knock protocol and leave a door tag upon completion of the specific actions performed (if residents are not present). If you have questions or concerns, please refer to your Housing Agreement.

Laundry equipment problems

Washer/dryer units within University Residences (UR) laundry rooms are furnished and serviced by an authorized vendor.

  • If you are experiencing an equipment issue that requires immediate attention, please Request Laundry Equipment Service as soon as possible to ensure that repairs can be done in a timely manner. 
  • Please report any inadvertent washer flooding issues to Facilities Development and Operations (FDO) Customer Service Center at 360-650-3420 during normal business hours (weekdays 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. excluding holidays) or contact your community Resident Advisor On-Call after hours.
  • If you have experienced damaged clothing issues, please submit your Clothing Claims Request as appropriate. Since laundry within UR is provided free-of-charge, you are not entitled to any refunds.
  • Current usage status of washer/dryer units is available at each laundry room and online via 


Vending Machine Usage

If you experience a service issue or notice a broken vending machine, check the machine for the posted support information. If you have any further complaints or questions please direct these to

Technology Support

ResTek is available to help troubleshoot network, TV, loung and computer lab issues for on campus residents. Visit ResTek for more information.

Locked-out assistance

360-650-NEED (6333)

If you are locked out of your apartment, hall, or room, call the number above, available 24/7.

Missing keys

If you are missing your physical key or proximity key (card or fob) please report it to your community’s front desk immediately. Missing keys/prox cards are a security risk to you and your community. Reissuing keys can cost up to $725 depending on the number of doors and keys affected.

Broken doors/locks

Broken doors and locks can pose a safety issue for your community and your room. Report issues to Facilities Department and Operations between 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. weekdays at 360-650-3420, or the Resident Advisor on call after hours.

Mattress replacement

If your mattress is extremely dirty or damaged, email to request a replacement. Please include your full name, email address, student ID number, building name, room number, a description of the problem and a photo that shows the damage.


If your furniture is broken, damaged, or you have any other inquiries, please submit a Maintenance Request

Pest Management

If you are experiencing a rodent, insect or animal infestation in your room/suite, please submit a Maintenance Request

 Bed Options

  • Beds that are tool free can be adjusted at varying heights from Low Single to High Single (Captain) configuration without a tool.
  • Beds that are tool required can be adjusted to either a Low Single or High Single (Captain) configuration using a 1/2" socket wrench.
  • Bring Twin XL sheet sets when you arrive to campus. The XL size easily fits most mattresses.

Image displaying a bed configured as a low single

Low Single

Bed configured as a high single/captain

High Single (Captain)

A low single and high single bed with an arrow between them indicating that they are both available


Low single and high single (captain) beds are available in all communities.


Image displaying a bed configured as a loft with a desk and chair underneath


Image displaying two beds configured as a bunk


High beds typically available only in:

  • Triple rooms where space constraints require loft and/or bunk set-ups.
  • In the Birnam Wood Apartments, each apartment's storage closet contains bed parts to support all bed configurations.


    Bed with longer rails for taller residents

    Extended Bed

    Available only by request.

    • Extended beds are 7' 0" to 7' 6" in length
    • Bring 2x Queen flat sheets when you arrive to campus

    Please email bed-related questions to


    1. For high bed configurations, a bed safety rail & ladder is typically provided per bed. Residents are required to use this for their personal safety.
    2. In the Birnam Wood Apartments, each apartments closet contains bed parts to support all bed configurations. As such, proper bed set-up changes are done by residents.
    3. High bed configurations must use UR bed parts and are only authorized after approval from UR facilities. 
    4. Students may use certified bed risers up to 8" to increase storage space under bed.