A view from one of the walkways within Fairhaven


Welcome to the Fairhaven community, located at the foot of the Sehome arboretum on South Campus.

Fairhaven offers students both scenic living conditions and the convenience of being close to campus life. The complex is comprised of twelve residential buildings (stacks) centered on a courtyard with a pond. Each stack faces a courtyard area, where students can relax, study by the pond, play Frisbee or enjoy a sunny day with friends. Ten out of twelve stacks have a lounge on the first floor with an adjacent TV lounge; some stack lounges also have kitchens for resident use.

Please note: you do not have to be enrolled at Fairhaven College to live in the Fairhaven residential community.

Need Help?

person Front Desk

Location: Fairhaven Commons 123

Desk Hours: 1:00 - 9:00 PM

Desk phone: 360-650-4888

lock Locked out?

Call 360-650-NEED (6333)

Available 24/7

mail Mailing Address

Resident's Name

Hall name + room number

516 High Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

help Other assistance

7 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Monday - Friday:

phone 360-650-3555
WWU Police Non-Emergency

Saturday & Sunday:

phone 360-303-4861
Resident Advisor On-Call

9 p.m. - 7 a.m.

phone 360-303-4861
Resident Advisor On-Call

Room Layout

Furnishing: Beds, Twin XL mattresses, chairs, desks and wardrobes for each student

Suite Dimensions: Average two room suite: approx. 420 sq. ft.

Bed Storage Space (Inches):

Stacks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 | 8.2 - 30.7
Stacks 2, 7, & 9 | 3.1 - 36.2
Stack 10 | 7.1 - 31.1
Stacks 11 & 12 | 16.5 - 30.5
* Beds configured to maximum amount of storage space upon arrival

Room Dimensions: Average double room: approx. 147 sq. ft.

Flooring: Carpet or vinyl tile

Lighting: Desk and ceiling lights are provided in student rooms.

Please note: actual room layouts may vary





Fairhaven 113A, 211A, 413A, 613A, 813A, 913A, 1013A: Contains a two-burner electric stove, mini-fridge, microwave and sink.

Fairhaven 313: Contains a four-burner electric stove, full-size oven, microwave, three sinks and counter space.

Fairhaven 513: Contains a four-burner electric stove, full-size oven, full-size refrigerator, microwave, three sinks and counter space.

Fairhaven 1148: Contains a four-burner electric stove, half-size oven, microwave, sink and counter space.


Computer Lab


Fairhaven Commons 107
See ResTek for more information.



Fairhaven Commons 123

Bike Storage

Fairhaven Complex: Outdoor Bike Storage


Laundry Rooms


Located on the third floor of every stack in Fairhaven; each laundry room contains two washers, two dryers and a sink.


POD Market

Fairhaven Commons

Gender Neutral Areas

Fairhaven Complex: Gender neutral areas available




Fairhaven Commons 123: Games lounge (with foosball, pool and ping-pong tables)

Fairhaven 112, 212, 412, 612, 711, 812, 912: Quiet lounges

Fairhaven 113, 213, 313, 413, 513, 613, 712, 813, 913, 1013: Stack lounges

Fairhaven 312, 512, 813, 1012, 1148: TV lounges


Vending Machines

Near Fairhaven Commons 120

Professional Live-In Staff

Karl Heinz

Karl Heinz smiles in front of a brick wall

Supervising Resident Director


Office: FX 112

Alexandra (Alex) Rodgers

Alexandra Rodgers Stands in front of a tree

Assistant Resident Director


Office: FA 120A

Student Staff

Shiloh Guttormson

Shiloh smiles against a blue wall, wearing a red shirt with a bow tie

Inclusion Assistant


IA for South Campus

Samuel Pearce

Samuel smiles for the camera with a background of mountains, hills, and clouds

Resident Advisor


Stack 1

Noah Martin

Noah smiles for the camera against a blank wall

Resident Advisor


Stack 10

Riley Weeks

Riley smiles for the camera at sunset with yellow flowers in the background

Resident Advisor


Stack 2

Sarah Welti

Sarah smiles for the camera with flowers, grass, and mountains in the background

Resident Advisor


Stack 3

Emmy Gregg

Emmy smiles for the camera with a walking path and grass in the background

Resident Advisor


Stack 4

Brooklyn Engstrom

Brooklyn leans against a mossy tree and poses for the camera

Resident Advisor


Stack 6

Devin McManus

Devin smiles for the camera

Resident Advisor


Stack 9