Faculty and Staff Move-in Volunteers for Fall 2023

Each year, faculty and staff volunteer their time to welcome over 4,000 new on-campus residents while assisting with move-in. Volunteers assist in unloading vehicles, checking out keys to students as they are welcomed to campus, and driving golf carts to transport students and families from long term parking to the residence halls and apartments. Volunteers receive a free tee shirt to thank them for working a volunteer shift.

Feedback from move-in surveys continually provide great feedback to our faculty and staff volunteers indicating the help of a volunteer made students move-in experience easy, helpful, and positive.

Move-in Volunteer Roles

Move-In Greeter: Welcome students, parents, families, and friends as they arrive to campus and check-in locations

  • Pass out water and snacks at the check-in lines 
  • Provide directions and information at the check-in lines/stations 
  • Facilitate icebreakers/games while families wait 
  • Manage lines in parking and traffic areas 
  • Act as a WWU ambassador exuding school spirit and positive energy 

Check-In Tent Volunteer: Distribute welcome bags, keys, and information about upcoming events to students at central check-in tents 

  • Greet students and distribute keys 
  • Check-in tent volunteers will also check-in our student and staff volunteers and provide directions on where to go to complete their volunteer shift 
  • Answer general questions about move-in

Transportation Volunteer: Transport students, parents, families, and friends from long term parking to residence halls via golf carts 

  • To drive a golf cart, volunteers must have a valid driver’s license
  • Utilize a walkie talkie to communicate with check-in tent staff
  • Offer transportation to those who have a request, or an accessibility need
  • Offer transportation to students, parents, families, and friends to various locations on campus to assist with the move-in experience

Move-In Volunteer: Un-load student belongings to help students move-into their residence hall or apartment community 

  • Move-in volunteers un-load cars with belongings to resident rooms
  • This is a great opportunity for any office, group, or team who would like to volunteer together on the same date/time and in the same location
  • Please note, not all buildings have elevators available.  Specifically, Ridge buildings tend to have many stairs and no elevators with the exception of Alma Clark Glass Hall 
-Adam Lorio“I loved helping out as a volunteer on move-in day. Getting the chance to be part of a student’s first day as an official on-campus Western resident is really special.”  -Anne Gilbert“ I had a great time and I loved greeting the students and their families, helping make their first days at Western super special.” Adam Lorio