COVID-19 Housing Information

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Housing Plans 

Housing will continue to work with University, local and state health officials as we plan for increasing occupancy in our residence halls. Safety will continue to be our driving principle when evaluating occupancy restrictions, in-person programming guidelines and other services that may impact resident life on Western's campus.

Take a look at the updates, FAQs and announcements for more information about WWU Housing.

COVID Vaccinations

WWU requires all students to be COVID cleared before living on campus. This means students will either submit proof of vaccine completion or submit a COVID vaccine exemption form.

For vaccination info, visit the Student Health Center website.

More information is available here:

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It's easy to be overwhelmed with information on various impacts of COVID-19 on the campus community.

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Updated COVID Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines
January 12, 2022

Latest Updates

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COVID Move In Requirements

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General FAQs

Our room size describes how many students can live in each room. So 1 person per single room, 2 people per double room and 3 people per triple room.

We are working hard to create a safe housing experience that will include:

  • Planning for virtual and in-person events and meetings with live-in staff
  • Space on campus for quarantine and isolation for students who cannot travel home
  • Increased sanitation procedures by custodians in high traffic areas

We have a multilayered response plan and will identify isolation space in the event a resident tests positive for coronavirus and quarantine space if a resident is exposed, but did not test positive.

Housing will continue to work closely with University, local, and state health departments to adhere to best practices and responses to the coronavirus.

Yes, residence halls will have in person events in the fall!  Our Residence Life team is working hard to provide in-person programming and meetings with live-in staff.  We are planning to offer some virtual programming options as well for students who are not yet fully comfortable with in person gatherings.  In past years, in-person events have looked like:

  1. Floor dinners
  2. Recreational events such as outdoor activities (hiking, sports competitions)
  3. Movie nights
  4. Resident Advisor and Hall Council led games
    1. Pool tournaments
    2. Card games
    3. Outdoor lawn games
  5. Skill building and educational events
  6. Attending athletic events as a floor or building community
  7. One on one and small group dialogues with Resident Advisors, Apartment Advisors, and Inclusion Assistants


Our commitment to building a safe community where you invest in academic success and personal growth remains a central component of our mission.  When planning in-person events, we utilize current COVID-19 health and safety guidelines for higher education institutions.

We continue to work with campus partners to find effective ways to ensure our facility use is set up to encourage stay safe habits, like social distancing, wearing face coverings, and frequent hand washing.

For more information on dining visit Campus Dish.​​​​​Dining information will be available to all on-campus students here:  

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WWU Testing

Housing works closely with University, local and state health officials to stay up to date on COVID-19 best practices and safety guidelines. For more information, on testing in the residence halls, visit Campus Virus Testing.

Isolation & Quarantine

Depending on room type, students who test positive for COVID will be expected to self-isolate in place or isolate in Gamma on the Ridge. Regardless of room type, all roommates of students who test positive for COVID will be expected to quarantine in place. See below for more information:

  1. Students testing positive for COVID residing in a suite or apartment space (shared bathroom with six or less students) are expected to:
    1. Self-isolate in their room, suite, and/or apartment for five days
      1. Residence Life staff will provide Uber Eats vouchers for meal delivery
    2. Roommates of students testing positive should get tested at College Hall, but can remain in their suite or apartment
  2. Students testing positive for COVID residing in a room with community bathroom facilities (shared bathroom with more than six students) are expected to:
    1. Relocate to Gamma residence hall in the Ridgeway Complex for five days
      1. Western’s isolation and quarantine transport team will provide transportation logistics to Gamma
      2. Residence Life staff will deliver meals to students while in isolation

Roommates and suitemates of students who test positive will be required to quarantine for five days regardless of vaccination/booster status. Students in quarantine are able to go to the dining hall for to-go meals and are expected to limit their contact with others with the exception of essential reasons (picking up a package at the front desk with supplies, food, or other items needed for the quarantine period). Students in quarantine should contact professors about missing in person classes throughout their time in quarantine.

Spaces will include at a minimum: bed, mattress, dresser and internet access. There will be basic bed linens and towels provided as well as toilet paper, paper towel roll, cleaning spray can, and toiletries. In addition, a care package will be provided that includes non-perishable foods such as granola bars, tea and cup of noodles. We will also provide a tea kettle that stays in the space once the student leaves. We encourage students to bring what will make them comfortable for the 14 days. 

Since you will be in the room for two weeks, please bring anything you need to be comfortable during that time, as well as plenty of clothing. You will not be able to do laundry during the time you are in quarantine/isolation.  

If you are moving to quarantine or isolation, we have a trained team who will be in full PPE to move you and your belongings.

Please note: If you have a vehicle with a WWU parking permit, we can transfer your permit to the isolation/quarantine area.

Yes, you can. The transport team can assist with the transport of your animal too. You will need to pack what your animal needs for 14 days and you will be able to utilize certain outside spaces of isolation/quarantine to care for your emotional support animal. 

University Residences staff will deliver two meals to your room each day, lunch and dinner.  You will receive breakfast items as part of your care package, which will be placed in your room prior to your arrival.