Spring Closing

Move Out Deadline

Students must check out 24 hours after their last final or by 4pm on Friday, June 14, 2024, whichever is earlier. Please be sure to follow our checkout instructions.

Failure to check out by the deadline will result in an improper checkout fee and other avoidable charges.

Pack Early

Don’t wait until final’s week to start packing and cleaning! If you start early and pack a little bit each day, it will make your checkout much easier.

Tip: If you are headed home over Memorial Day weekend, take some stuff with you! Unlike Fall Move In, we don’t have student volunteers available to help you move out.

Parking Instructions

To accommodate packing and loading of cars for all residential students, including those who do not have current parking permits, Transportation Services will provide easy steps to get move-out visitor permits valid in the resident (R) lots. We encourage you to plan and share this information with anyone who may be helping you move out. 

Move-Out Visitor Parking & Permit Rules will be in effect beginning Thursday, June 6, 2024, and will continue through Finals Week, ending Sunday, June 16, 2024. During all other dates and times, standard parking rules are enforced. 

On the day you park on campus, open the ParkMobile App and follow the steps to complete the purchase of a permit using the MOVE-OUT ZONE NUMBER: 1242. 

For more information, please visit Move-Out Parking.

Dispose of Trash, Compost, Recyclables 

Take out trash, recycling, and compost. Please rinse out your compost bin and leave it in your room for our staff to collect in the summer. Do this as early as possible to ensure the waste depots near your residence hall does not overflow. 

Donate Unwanted Items

Housing Sustainability and the AS Recycling Center will be collaborating to collect unwanted items from students during move out. Donations of clean items in good condition can be dropped off in the appropriately labeled blue and green bins in each Residence Hall lounge. Visit Resident Checkout Program for more information.

Dining Services

Dining may operate during alternate hours during Memorial Day and during Finals Week. For a full list of dining hours during Crunch Week and Finals Week please visit Dine On Campus

You can spend your Dining Dollars at any open Dining Services location through Friday, June 14. Check your balance via Transact eAccounts.

Change Your Mailing Address

Mail is delivered daily until Friday, June 14. You must properly check out and hand in your keys at your building desk. This allows you to change your default shipping address online, update your address in Web4U, and notify your friends and family.

Reminder: check for any letter mail or packages at your community's front desk before leaving.

For more information visit Mail and Deliveries.

Personal Storage

Western does not offer student storage. If you have a lot of gear you don’t want to take home, you may want to arrange for personal storage.