Checkout Instructions

Failure to meet checkout deadlines, complete your room inspection, or follow the proper checkout procedure below can result in an improper checkout fee. Residents are responsible for turning in their keys as part of the checkout process. Keys not returned will result in a charge to your account. 
Checkouts may take upwards of two weeks to process while we thoroughly inspect the vacated space and ensure the most accurate billing for our residents.

1. Schedule a room inspection

Once you determine your checkout date, make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to have your room inspected by your resident adviser. Failure to schedule a room checkout may result in an improper checkout fee.

2. Notify your roommates and suitemates that you are moving out

Discuss responsibility for any damage that occurred while you were living in your room and/or suite. Charges for cleaning, damage, missing items or trash disposal are automatically split between roommates/suitemates unless you clarify individual responsibility at the time of inspection. 

3. Vacate and clean your share of the space

You are expected to leave your room clean, empty and properly assembled for the next person to move in. Clean your share of your room and/or suite; responsibly dispose of your trash, recyclables and reusable items. Remove all belongings. Any personal belongings left behind will be bag-and-tag at your expense.

4. Complete your room inspection

Your resident advisor will assess the condition of your room while you are present. Failure to complete your room inspection could result in an improper checkout fee. 

5. Check out in person at your front desk

Go in person to your community's front desk to hand in your old room keys. Keys not returned during checkout will result in charges up to $600 for a rekey and applied to your student account. We will not accept keys turned in after checkout. 

6. Stop using your meal plan as soon as you check out

If you are moving out of a residence hall, your meal plan will automatically terminate on the day you check out. Using your meal plan after your checkout date will result in additional charges.

7. Redirect your postal mail and packages

If you are moving off of campus completely, inform Western of your new mailing address by updating Web4U; please wait 3-5 business days after checking out before you make this change. Please also note that Mail Services cannot forward any mail or packages to a new address after you move out. Any items that arrive for non-residents are 'returned to sender' and the student is responsible for contacting the original sender.  

For more information on potential checkout fees, visit Financial Information.