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Housing & Room Gender

Gendered vs. All-Gender

During the housing application process, students will be prompted first to select a housing gender (male, female, or neutral), then to select a room gender. There are two room gender options: Gendered and All-Gender

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The majority of rooms on campus are gendered (Female, Male, Neutral). Selecting this housing option on the application allows you to find roommate matches and choose spaces with students who have selected the same housing gender as you. You will share bathrooms with students of the same gender identity. You will not see rooms that are designated for All-Gender Housing.

All of our hall-style housing options are gendered by default. 


This option is for students wanting a room assignment that is not based on gender. Selecting All-Gender Housing on the application shows you only All-Gender roommates and rooms. If you select this option, you may live with someone of a different gender than you in your room, your suite, and/or your bathroom. 

All-Gender Housing is located in specific suite-style rooms on campus, including the Pride Housing community that emphasizes programming based upon gender nonconforming and gender justice issues - though there are other locations that do not include programmatic elements.

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Gendered Housing

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the mission of University Residences to create a welcoming, inclusive, and safe residential experience for our students. All-Gender housing was created in recognition of high demand from students to offer more gender-inclusive living options. Knowing that traditional, same-gender room assignments are not always comfortable and/or appropriate for all students, we find our All-Gender housing option to be more welcoming to all students and allow for individuals to both room with whomever they choose, and have the opportunity to meet the widest variety of new friends. 

Living in an All-Gender room/suite/apartment can further support the safety and comfort of our students who do not fit into others’ expectations of gender presentations, expressions, or identity.

Though our Pride Housing community is an entirely All-Gender designated space, we offer All-Gender housing options across campus. All-Gender housing is not just for LGBTQ+ people; it is for anyone who wants to live with people with whom they feel comfortable, regardless of gender. Students who select this option must be open to living with a person of any gender. Students are interested in All-Gender housing for a variety of reasons, and we give every student the opportunity to indicate that preference on their application.

Our roommate system is the same for both All-Gender and Gendered housing. Applicants are encouraged to create roommate groups in advance of room selection. Please review our Roommate Options page for more information on how to create a roommate group. If you do not select your own roommate, another student will select or be assigned to your room.

If you chose All-Gender housing, you will room only with students who also selected All-Gender on their application. If you chose Gendered housing, you will room only with students who selected Gendered on their application. 

There are a lot of reasons a student might be interested in All-Gender housing. All-Gender housing provides students with a community where roommates and/or suitemates of any gender can live together. Some examples of students who may be interested in our All-Gender housing option include but are not limited to:

  • Students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming and seek a supportive living environment
  • Students with a disability wishing to room with a student attendant of a different gender identity
  • Siblings, cousins, friends, etc. of varying gender identities
  • Students seeking a mixed gender housing option 

The terms 'All-Gender' and 'Gender Neutral' mean essentially the same thing. They are terms to signify something that is not relating or specific to people of one particular gender. All-Gender housing is designated space in our residence halls for students of mixed genders (all genders), as opposed to same-gender/gendered housing space. 

A student must select that they are interested in All-Gender housing on their housing application in order to be considered. If you wish to live in a same-gender space, please select the Gendered housing option on your application. 

Still Have Questions?

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