Summer Housing

Eligibility Requirements

Summer residents must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Registered for at least 5 credits through WWU Summer Session or local post-secondary education institution
  • Participating in a WWU related internship or field work
  • A continuing resident who has confirmed housing for 2020-2021
  • A resident employed by University Residences or Dining Services

University Residences offers summer housing to continuing campus residents, students attending WWU Summer Session, and students attending summer programs at local community colleges. Minimum stay for academic residents is three weeks. Students wanting to stay less than three weeks may contact Guest Housing.

Typical Length of Stay

Six Weeks

June 21 - July 31

Six-week summer session

Nine Weeks

June 21 - Aug. 21

Nine-week summer session

All Summer

June 21 - Sep. 20

Only available in Birnam Wood for 2020-2021 residents

How to Apply: Current Residents

Step 1:

Apply for Housing

Application open:
April 15 - May 15

Step 2:

Check MyHousing

Personalized summer instructions posted in your MyHousing portal

Step 3:

Pick Up Assignment

When prompted, respond to the email by June 5 to verify your request for a room assignment. 

As soon as you respond, your summer assignment will be posted in the MyHousing Portal

1. Apply for Housing

The summer application is open from April 15 through May 15. Be ready to select your building preference and room type, intersession housing (if needed), take a roommate survey, request a specific roommate if you have one in mind, and accept the Summer Housing Agreement. No deposit is required; your current housing deposit ($200) will continue on file as your summer housing deposit.

2. Check MyHousing Portal

Following the application period, pick up information for your personalized summer instructions is posted in MyHousing. Logistics for your particular contract and the transition process from your current location to your summer location involve firm deadlines and are complicated, so in-person pick up to discuss transition is required.

3. Pick up Assignment

In late May you will be prompted (via your WWU email) to verify your request for summer housing. As soon as you respond, your summer assignment will be posted in the MyHousing Portal. Failure to follow your instructions may involve extra housing charges or cancellation.

How to Apply: New Residents

Step 1:

Apply for Housing

Application open:
April 15 - May 15

Step 2:

Pay Deposit

Follow instructions in MyHousing to pay deposit before June 1

Step 3:

Assignment Posted

Room Assignments posted in MyHousing by mid June

1. Apply for Housing

The summer application is open from April 15 through May 15. Be ready to select your building preference and room type, intersession housing (if needed), take a roommate survey and accept the Summer Housing Agreement. Once you have applied, track your status in the MyHousing Portal. Following the application period, applicants who have confirmed their admission will be prompted to pay the $200 housing deposit; notification begins in late May.

2. Pay Deposit

When notice of deposit due posts in the MyHousing Portal, follow the payment instructions to carefully ensure proper processing of your deposit. Deposit Deadline is June 1.

3. Assignment Posted

Room assignments are posted in the MyHousing Portal, along with roommate and suitemate information by June 14. You are encouraged to contact your roommate to get acquainted and plan what to bring.

Living Options

Apartments: Birnam Wood Stacks 5, 6 & 7

  • Maximum stay: 9 Weeks (unless you are eligible for the all-summer option)
  • Each student has access to an apartment kitchen
  • Meal plan information coming soon

All-Summer Apartment Option

Birnam Wood summer residents who have successfully renewed for the 2020-2021 academic year are eligible to remain in Birnam Wood for the month between the end of summer session and the start of fall quarter. If you select the all-summer contract on your application, and later cancel your fall housing, your summer contract term is shortened to 9 weeks, you will have a new move out date, and be subject to a contract breakage fee.

Move to Fall Assignment

If your summer assignment differs from your fall assignment, you must move to your fall assignment on the required move date. Plan ahead so that you are here for your mandatory move date range:

  • Fall assignment in Birnam Wood: move date range August 22 – September 6.
  • Fall assignment in a residence hall: move date range September 13 – 19.

2020 Construction at Birnam Wood

Most of the complex will be under construction for roofing and siding projects throughout the summer. This means limited apartment space and parking is available, walking paths are routed around construction sites, and noise is at a high level during long working hours throughout the summer. Please keep this in mind when selecting this option for the summer.

Intersession Housing 

Spring quarter ends at 4 p.m. Friday, June 12, and summer housing begins 10 a.m. Sunday, June 21. Most students go home for the week between (known as intersession), but housing is available at an extra cost for those who need to stay and are continuing with a summer contract.

  • Intersession Assignments: Room assignments during intersession are typically the same as your summer housing assignment, but you may be assigned to a temporary location until your summer location becomes available; in this case you must move twice.

  • Mandatory Move Dates: You are assigned a specific move date/time during the weekend following Finals Week and you must be available to move during this time period. If you leave campus and you are not available during your assigned move time, your belongings will be boxed up and put in storage, and your room will be rekeyed at your expense.

Cancellation Prior to Occupancy

Cancellations received after June 1 will result in forfeiture of your $200 housing deposit. Cancellations must be submitted in writing in person or by email to; please include your name, student ID, and a statement cancelling your housing reservation.