Viking Dollar FAQs

Why is WWU discontinuing the Viking Dollar program?

The Viking Dollar program was a past program fully administered by Western’s former dining vendor. With the departure of the previous vendor, Western does not have the in-house personnel or resources to sustainably administer the program, which is why it will be discontinued by the end of the spring 2024 academic quarter. It is important to note that the decision to discontinue the Viking Dollars program was the decision of WWU and was not influenced in any way by Chartwells. The Viking Dollars program was not included in our partner agreement when Chartwells took over. WWU staff were administering it this year as a transitional arrangement.  

Important dates to know as the Viking Dollar program is phased out:

  • Starting April 15: No new Viking Dollars can be added to your accounts; existing Viking Dollars may still be used at all campus dining and retail locations.  
  • Starting May 15: Viking Dollars will no longer be valid for use.
  • Starting May 16: Reimbursement for unused Viking Dollars will begin automatically to all active Viking Dollar accounts. 

Is there a difference between Viking Dollars and Dining Dollars?

Yes, Dining Dollars are included with student meal plans and will stay as they are. Dining Dollars will not be affected by the phasing out of the Viking Dollar program. 

When is the last day that I’ll be able to use Viking Dollars to pay for food on campus?

Viking Dollars will continue to be available for use at all WWU dining and food retail locations (except for Vendor’s Row) until May 15, 2024. Any funds left in your accounts after May 15 will be automatically reimbursed to you starting on May 16. 

If I don’t use all of my Viking Dollars, how do I get the remaining money in my account back and how long will it take?

Whenever possible, refunds will be posted to the original credit or debit card used to purchase Viking Dollars. Otherwise, the following methods will be used:

  • Students: Unused Viking Dollars will be added to your student account starting May 16. You will then receive your refund of unused Viking Dollars through BankMobile. By setting up direct deposit at, you will receive your funds as quickly as possible. Alternatively, verify your mailing address is updated in Web4U and a check will be mailed.
  • Employees: For faculty and staff with remaining Viking Dollars, they will be automatically refunded starting May 16. Please make sure your bank account information and/or mailing address is up to date in Web4U to avoid delays.

When will I no longer be able to load new Viking Dollars onto my Western Card?

The last day that users will be able to deposit new money into their Viking Dollar account will be April 14. 

Where can I check my current Viking Dollar balance?

You can check your balance through the eAccounts mobile app or the web portal for Transact eAccounts.

I have a meal plan and receive $240 Dining Dollars per quarter. Will my Dining Dollars be affected by the phasing out of Viking Dollars?

Dining Dollars, which you get with your meal plans, will not be affected. Dining Dollars and Viking Dollars are not the same thing. 

Will Viking Dollars or a similar discounted program ever come back?

There are no current plans to roll out a replacement program. 

How many Viking Dollar users are there?

About 2,400 students (16 percent of all WWU students) have active Viking Dollar accounts. About 800 employees (33 percent of all WWU employees) have active Viking Dollar accounts.  

We had over 17,000 inactive Viking Dollar accounts at the beginning of AY2023-2024. We are in the process of reimbursing inactive account holders (former employees, former students, graduates) who have a balance of over $20.

We are now assessing opportunities to use unclaimed funds from accounts with balances under $20 to go toward student food-insecurity programs.

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