Parents & Families

As part of the on-campus housing community, students not only learn and grow on a personal level, but also continue developing the skills they need to live and work with others. Approximately 90 percent of Western freshmen choose to live on campus.

The information below will help you support your student while they live on campus.

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When to arrive, what to bring, how to set up beds, and everything else your student might want to know about the big day can be found on our Moving In page.

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Find out about the many services available to your student as a member of the Western community.

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The Counseling Center provides clinical outreach services for currently enrolled WWU students. Find out more about the counseling services available to your student.

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Learn more about how the tutoring center provides academic support to help WWU students reach their highest academic potential.

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The student health center provides an extensive array of services including preventative health care and management of health concerns, illnesses and injuries.

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The Wade King Student Recreation Center offers numerous opportunities for students to raise or keep their current fitness level, with programs including personal training, group fitness classes, swimming lessons and rock climbing lessons.