Residential Programming Board

Organization Purpose and Responsibilities

The Residential Programming Board is a group of students from their residential living community who want to advance their leadership skills and provide essential programming initiatives to their community.

Residential Programming Boards Seek to Achieve the Following Outcomes:

  1. Positive and inclusive community buildings.
  2. A sense of community identity.
  3. Clear program planning and implementation.

The Executive Team

  1. Chair
    • Preside over meetings, including creating a meeting agenda
      • Facilitate meetings
    • Regular 1:1s w/ advisors(s)
    • Attend RHA meetings
      • These occur once per month
    • Equitably delegate tasks and responsibilities to other board members
  2. Vice-Chair
    • Fulfill Chair's responsibilities in their absence or as delegated by the Chair
    • Attend NRHH meetings (1/month)
    • Lead community outreach initiatives and serve as a primary liaison between board and community member needs
    • Oversee board board membership and participation (welcoming committee)
    • Responsible for coordinating marketing initiatives for organization
    • Budget management in partnership with ROA
      • Sign off on expense forms
  3. Residential Event Planners (REPs)
    • Share remaining responsibilities of the executive board
    • Specialized roles may be created by the group i.e.
      • Social Media and Communications REP
      • Photographer & Posters REP
      • Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability REP
  4. At-large Members
    • Assist REPs with planning and implementation of programs and initiatives
    • Non-Executive Board members(s)

Election of the Executive Team and Other Officers

Until elections are held in early November, hall council consists only of the community’s general membership. This means that during the months of September and October, all residents are invited to attend the general council meetings and participate in both weekend and Halloween programming. The election process will be announced at a general council meeting leading up to the election date. All general members and candidates in attendance at the election meeting will be eligible to vote.

Individual Boards

To learn more about a specific board, visit its Residential Community Page.