Restek Data Analyst


The ResTek Data Analyst will work with the Assistant Director of IT and the Web Systems Developer to identify, create, and maintain dashboards, reports, and data visualizations for University Residences staff that support them in answering key questions supporting their work to fulfill the department mission and operational goals. The Assistant Director of IT will serve as the project owner and inform decisions about priorities. The Data Analyst will serve as the primary coordinator of data analysis projects and will conduct the majority of data analysis work. Additionally, the Data Analyst will work closely with staff to identify their needs, coordinate the analysis process, uncover trends and patterns, and develop reports and visualization that are maintainable and flexible.

Our team is intensely customer-focused. Across the ResTek staff we handle all aspects of a project including the needs assessment, feasibility analysis, design, planning, testing and usability, integrity assurance, and timelines. We hold quality, thoroughness, security, and timeliness in the highest regard.

What we are looking for

  • You are self-motivated and passionate about data analysis
  • You are familiar with SQL or basic statistical concepts
  • You have an intermediate understanding of relational databases
  • You are able to communicate professionally, clearly, and with accurate detail via phone, email and in person in a timely manner
  • You solve problems independently and know when to ask clarifying questions
  • You can be trusted to work ethically with sensitive data and important systems
  • You learn new and emerging technologies independently
  • You intend to enroll at least through the end of Spring 2019
  • You are able to work effectively with clients to identify and interpret their project needs

You will gain

  • Real-world experience working as part of a small team to introduce high quality data analysis to a data driven work environment
  • Exposure to project management principles and strategies
  • Exposure to enterprise data storage and retrieval best practices
  • Exposure to FERPA and related data privacy concepts
  • A solid understanding of data integrity assurance
  • Develop a proficiency in analyzing and interpreting results using visualization and statistical tools
  • Opportunity to coordinate projects and work directly with clients
  • The benefit of receiving code reviews and constructive, supportive feedback

About Us

  • We work in small teams
  • We work closely with our clients
  • We use both peer-to-peer training and self-guided training
  • The Data Analyst works closely with the Asst Dir of IT, Web Systems Developer and one or more Software Developers
  • We work on-demand as needs arise and on longer term projects
  • Our clients are staff within University Residences including residence life, financial, occupancy management, operations, conferences, and facilities
  • We use Microsoft PowerBI, Excel, Sharepoint, MySQL Workbench, Trello, and Dokuwiki
  • We may expand to include use of Tableau

The fine print

Hourly wage is $14.39 per hour, and paid training starts immediately upon hire. Must be available to work 15–19 hours per week during the academic year and preference may be given to candidates who are available to work at least 20 hours per week during the summer. (Enrollment in summer classes is not required.) Must be enrolled at least through Fall 2019. You must maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA minimum and be taking at least 10 credits (8 for graduate students) during employment. Preference given to applicants who live or have lived on campus. On-campus housing is available at a discounted rate during summer.

Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

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