Solicitation & Commercial Activities

Due to a variety of local, state and University guidelines, students may not use their university residence for the purpose of running a business.

Most forms of solicitation are prohibited in University Residences and unauthorized solicitation should be immediately reported to staff. Prohibited forms of solicitation include making contact with residents for the purpose of:

  • Promoting an activity or event
  • Promoting or endorsing an idea or person, such as a political candidate, recycling, or religious belief
  • Recruiting for a club or organization
  • Selling something, such as an object, product or ticket to an activity or event, even for the purpose of fund-raising

Permitted forms of solicitation are made available to University Residences groups (RHA, Hall/Tenants Councils, and NRHH) and staff (Resident Advisors, Fitness Center and Computer Lab staffs, and University Dining Services personnel) to promote University Residences-related activities and programs. Opinion polls or fund-raising activities conducted by residents of a particular hall or apartment are permitted within the hall of residence or community building for apartments in accordance with the policy established by the Hall or Tenants' Council.