Dia Daoibh (Hello everyone)! My name is Aodhán. I study History, linguistics, and international business here at Western. Learning new things about the world - whether that be about different cultures, foods, geography, crafts, history, architecture, or forest ecology - is my great passion in life. I have spent 9 years learning how to cook food from around the world, and for me there’s no other way to build community and show hospitality other than through food and tea (which I drink more than water). I enjoy studying languages, and though I only have two and some change (English, Russian, and basic Irish), there are 8 more that I seek to learn in my life. I have been lucky enough to travel to 14 countries on my own, and hope to continue exploring the world we live in. This will be my last full year at Western, and only the gods know what the future will bring after that.