Go for the Green!

What is Go for the Green? 

You might have seen the posters for Go for the Green around your residence hall and wondered- what is Go for the Green? You’re in the right place! Go for the Green is a month-long energy-saving competition between residential communities at Western. During the month of February, on-campus communities compete to see who can reduce the most energy consumption compared to previous years. The community that reduces the most energy consumption will win an all-you-can-eat dessert and hot drink bar for their community the weekend before finals! 

Why are we doing Go for the Green? 

This competition serves two purposes: 1) It helps build positive, sustainable habits that students can take with them when they move off-campus, and 2) it helps save energy at WWU during cold winter months, during WWU’s largest energy-consuming period of the year.  

What is pledging? 

Students can pledge to take part in the competition and reduce their energy consumption as much as possible during the month of February! Students who pledge to take part in the competition get a custom sticker-sheet set and poster to hang on their door. Be sure to pledge before January 27th to ensure that you get your stickers and poster delivered to your room before the competition begins. Students who pledge will also get weekly email updates on how their residential community is doing compared to other communities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! We will be comparing each residential community to themselves in previous years- for example, Nash’s energy use this February will be compared to an average of Nash’s energy use between 2018 and 2020, so that the change in usage will be relative to its normal energy consumption. We are just comparing the percent change in energy consumption compared to average years, so that we can calculate the impact that students are having! 

We will be catering an all-you-can-eat dessert and hot drink bar for the winning residential community! This will include, but not be limited to, an ice cream bar, cake, cookies, and hot drinks like hot cocoa and tea. This dessert bar will be provided March 11th, the Saturday before finals week. We encourage all residents from the winning community to come together to celebrate their win, take a load off, and eat some delicious free desserts- You’ve earned it! Vegan and gluten free options will be available. 


Want to learn more about GFTG, our department, or program offerings? Check out our Housing Sustainability Website or email our student staff at Housing.Sustainability@wwu.edu 

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