Sustainable Living

Residence Hall Reuse

Why pay for a mini fridge when you can rent one for free?

The Residence Hall Reuse Program (RHRP) allows on-campus residents to rent approved appliances, Twin XL bedding, storage solutions and more. By keeping items in use longer, living on-campus is more accessible, affordable and sustainable.

Accepting Donations Nov. 16 - Dec. 10

Our rental system runs on the generosity of students, who donate items they purchased and return any goods rented at the end of the quarter. Donated items are collected and stored for students moving into the residence halls.

Starting Nov. 16, donation drop off locations will be available in the locations below. 

Accepted donations include mini fridges, microwaves, other small appliances and kitchenware, storage solutions, mirrors, technology etc.

Edens and Edens North: Edens North 2nd floor lounge

Higginson: Front desk (not in use)

Mathes: 1st floor lounge

Nash: Lower main lounge

Fairhaven: 1st floor Game Room 

Buchanan Towers: 1st floor lounge 

Birnam Wood: 1st floor Community Building 



Residents can rent up to three items beginning Dec. 14 by filling out the reservation form located in the Reservation Process below.

Renting Process

  1. Reserve up to three items and up to one waitlist item
  2. Review the Residence Hall Reuse Program Liability in your confirmation email sent 24-48 hours after your reservation has been processed.
  3. If at any time you no longer need to rent items, email as soon as possible to allow other students time to reserve and prepare.

Pick up your items in Edens North during Move In.

Please note: Students are responsible for all transportation of rented items to their Residence Hall from Edens North.

Deadline to Pick Up Reservation

We will hold items until the last day of pick-up. If you do not claim your rental items, we will release them to students on the waitlist.

Please note: remaining items are available without reservations after the last day of pick-up. 

If you have any questions, please email us at and follow our Instagram @wwuresreuse


What is the Residence Hall Reuse Program?

The Residence Hall Reuse Program is a student-led initiative to find new homes for unwanted items donated by students when moving out of the residence halls. Donated items are collected and stored over the summer before incoming students claim them after moving into the residence halls.

The program is aimed to reduce waste by keeping items in use for a longer period of time. This program provides students an opportunity to directly take part in sustainable living.


How can I reserve items from the Residence Hall Reuse Program?

Students can reserve items using the reservations form. Keep checking in on the inventory spreadsheet for available items. Students can reserve up to three items and placed on a waitlist for one item. Reserved items are picked up during move in at Edens North. Students are responsible for all transportation of rented items.


Have items been sanitized?

All items are sanitized at the time of collection and stored  with minimal human contact. Masks and gloves are worn by staff during pickup and will maintain adequate physical distancing.


Residence Hall Composting

As of Nov. 28, 2018, Western Washington University has one of the first composting programs of its kind.

Each resident hall is currently equipped with its own composting bucket, an instructional sticker and biodegradable liners.

Composting Program Benefits

  • Accessible to all students
  • Requires no custodial labor
  • Creates a consistent culture of sustainable waste management across campus
  • Builds long-term success even with student turnover
  • Educates to instill lifelong sustainability habits
  • Increases awareness on social, economic, and ecological benefits of composting
  • Reduces landfill waste and greenhouse gases
  • Creates a positive impact on habitats near landfills
  • Converts potential landfill waste into a useful product sold in local communities
  • Decreases University disposal expenses

Compost Liners

As part of your compost bin delivery, you received a roll of liners to last the entire quarter. Your next roll won’t be delivered until the next break, so make sure you’re only using the bags for compost!

Birnam Wood and Buchanan Towers

Birnam Wood and Buchanan Towers houses one compost bin per apartment/suite to reside in the kitchen area of each apartment/suite. Compost bins for the rest of the campus living community occupy in each room.

Compost flyer with information written on this page

Where to Empty Compost

There are several compost toters/dumpsters located in your residential community. The Office of Sustainability recommends disposing the liners and their contents once a week if you are disposing of wet organic waste. If your items are dry, you may go much longer without emptying your bin.

Compost throughout the Day

Your sustainable lifestyle doesn’t need to end in your room. WWU has a variety of places to dispose of organic waste throughout the day. You can find compost bins inside each of the dining locations across campus or in Red Square.

WWU Residence Hall Composting in the News

Please visit SSC’s website for more information on what can go in your bin.

For questions about replacing the biodegradable liners or the compost bins themselves, please contact Terence Symonds at 360-650-7322 or