Financial Information

As a resident at Western, you are responsible for upholding your part of the Housing Contract and the financial responsibilities outlined in that agreement. The information below may be helpful in understanding the fees associated with your Housing Contract and the payment process.

If your parent or guardian will be helping you with your finances while you attend Western, make sure you submit a Release of Financial Information form to the Student Business Office. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents the University from discussing a student's financial activity with without the authorization of the student via the completed form.

For assistance with your student account, or would like access to financial literacy information, contact the Student Business Office.

Students who choose to live on campus pay a deposit of $200 as part of Western’s Housing Agreement - see the housing timeline for information on deposit due dates. If your student account is at a zero balance, we will return your deposit to you 1-6 weeks after Housing Agreement termination and completion of successful checkout. Please note that canceling your Housing Agreement prior to move-in may still result in forfeiture of the housing deposit.

Students with a high level of financial need may qualify for a Housing Deposit Deferral –when we postpone the due date for your Housing Deposit so you can pay for it out your first quarter financial aid. Western reviews Pell Grant eligibility and Expected Family Contribution* with regard to Housing Deposit Deferral requests. Please note that if you cancel housing after we have approved a Housing Deposit Deferral, you may be responsible for repaying the Housing Deposit in part or full out-of-pocket.

* After submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, you will receive a Student Aid Report, which outlines your Expected Family Contribution. If you need assistance locating your Expected Family Contribution, please contact the Financial Aid Department.

Instructions for Requesting Deferral

  1. Once you receive notice of deposit due, print this form and fill it out completely. Mail your completed form to the address below, or snap a legible photo with your phone and email it to Requests for deposit deferral are accepted ONLY for housing applicants who have been notified their deposit is due.

    University Residences
    516 High Street - MS 9195
    Bellingham, WA 98225
  2. To allow your financial aid to apply toward your housing deposit, you must submit the online form Authorization to Apply Financial Aid Funds. You will need to use your Universal username and password to access this online form.
  3. To make sure your request has been received and granted, be sure to follow up on your deferral status in MyHousing. If you have questions or concerns about your request, contact the University Residences Business Office at 360-650-6579.

Your student account balance includes the cost of tuition, fees, housing and your meal plan; the full student account balance is due on the first day of classes and can be paid through MyWestern. You will receive an email to your student email account at the beginning of the month when your student account statement is ready to view and it is time to pay your bill. Any additional charges incurred later in the quarter (costs to add a class, increase your meal plan or upgrade your room assignment) are due by the 15th of each month. Past due accounts are subject to a monthly $40 late fee and 1% interest charge. Failure to pay your student account balance may result in meal plan suspension, eviction from University Residences, registration hold or cancellation.

Need help understanding your student account? Contact the Student Business Office.

Quarterly Room Fee

Your Quarterly Room Fee is billed to your student account before the start of each quarter. If you move out during the quarter, you will be charged for the days you lived with us, which is calculated from the day you checked in through the day you checked out. The room cost for the remaining days in the quarter will be credited to your student account. If you move mid-quarter and your new room has a different rate than your original assignment, your student account will be either credited or charged the difference in rates for the remaining days in the quarter.

Quarterly Meal Plan Fee

Your Quarterly Meal Plan Fee is billed to your student account before the start of each quarter. If you move out of your residence hall during the quarter, your Meal Plan will automatically terminate on the day you check out. You will be charged for the days you were assigned to the plan, and you will receive a credit on your student account for the meal plan costs for the remaining days in the quarter. Please note that you are charged for the days you had the meal plan; we do not issue refunds for unused meals or Dining Dollars. If you use your meal plan past check out date or go over your share of meal/Dining Dollars, those costs will be billed to your student account.

Miscellaneous Charges

If you receive financial aid and you would like to use it to pay all types of the charges on your student account (bookstore charges, medical service charges, late fees, interest, replacement ID cards or deferred housing deposits etc. not just tuition, fees, room and board) you must submit an Authorization to Apply Financial Aid Funds Form.

When you accept the Housing Agreement, you have entered into a rental contract that lasts until the end of the academic year. Unless you are graduating, withdrawing from school, leaving for an internship or to study abroad, if you move out before finals week spring quarter you may be charged a Contract Breakage Fee:

  • $5.25 per day through the Agreement period with a cap of $400 at residence halls.
  • $2.67 per day through the Agreement period with a cap of $200 at Birnam Wood.

It is important to keep track of your keys and keep them in good repair. If you lose a key or fob please report it to your hall’s front desk immediately. Missing keys/fobs are a security risk to you and your community. Reissuing a damaged or lost keys or fobs can cost you over $200 depending on the number of doors and keys affected.

Improper Checkout Fee

Failure to meet checkout deadlines, complete your room inspection or follow proper checkout procedures can result in an improper checkout fee of $35.

Damage, Cleaning and Bed Fees

When you move out, plan to leave your room neat and clean and your bed properly assembled. Fees for cleaning, damage, missing items, trash disposal or abandoned property are split between roommates and/or suitemates unless you explain individual responsibility as part of the checkout section of your Room Inspection and Inventory form. Items left behind are considered abandoned property. Unreturned bed parts may result in a $35 fee; leaving the bed set up incorrectly may result in a $15 fee. Missing bed parts can result in a replacement fee of $500 or more.

Western bills your student account quarterly for Housing Fees, which do not include winter or spring breaks. Housing is free during winter and spring breaks for residents who plan to live on campus through the first 14 days of the new quarter. If you want to move off campus, plan for the end of the quarter, otherwise you will be charged a fee for each day of break, up to and including the day of checkout, even if you didn’t stay in your room over break.

Checkout Penalties

Winter Break 2019: December 14-January 6 (23 nights)

  • Residence Hall Triple Room: ($27.88/night) x (23 nights) = $641.24
  • Residence Hall Double Room: ($34.78/night) x (23 nights) = $799.94
  • Residence Hall Single Room: ($40.44/night) x (23 nights) = $930.12
  • Birnam Wood Double Room: ($15.37/night) x (23 nights) = $353.51

Spring Break 2019: March 22-March 30 (10 nights)

  • Residence Hall Triple Room: ($26.46/night) x (10 nights) = $264.60
  • Residence Hall Double Room: ($33.01/night) x (10 nights) = $330.10
  • Residence Hall Single Room: ($38.38/night) x (10 nights) = $383.80
  • Birnam Wood Double Room: ($16.80/night) x (10 nights) = $168.00