Housing Options

The housing application invites you to select up to six housing preferences from more than 50 unique options. Assignment priority is given to students who apply for admission the earliest and meet the housing deadlines.

Western offers 16 unique residence halls in a variety of sizes, architectural styles and vintages. Every hall in coeducational with one gender per room, suite, wing, or floor. See Gender Inclusive Areas below for mixed-gender rooms and suites.

Corridor Style

Rooms typically flank a central hallway and residents share one or two large bathrooms down the hall. Corridor-style buildings have a traditional feel and make it easy to meet new people.

Suite Style

Two to five rooms are clustered around a shared bathroom. Suite-style buildings promote strong relationships between roommates and suitemates.

Double occupancy rooms are the campus standard, but some residence halls offer triples and a few singles. Single rooms are assigned only to students who request them, and the demand always exceeds the supply. Triples are available upon request, but you may be assigned to a triple even if you did not request one. Residence hall room rates are solely based upon the sign capacity of your room: single rooms are the most expensive and triple rooms are the most economical.

Apartment living for non-freshman is offered in Birnam Wood where 130 units accommodate 520 students. Most units are all male or all female, but a few units are gender inclusive. Each apartment is furnished for four students and includes two double-occupancy bedrooms, full kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and balcony. Quarterly cost includes wireless Internet, digital cable, utilities, and use of the laundry facilities. Residents have access to the community building, front desk, computer lab, bike storage, and permit parking. Birnam Wood is supervised by a full-time, live-in Apartment Coordinator and five part-time, live-in Community Advisors. Meal plans are available for Birnam Wood residents, but not required. Birnam Wood is reserved for non-freshmen, freshmen may request consideration through Housing@wwu.edu.

How to Apply

To request Birnam Wood, simply apply for housing and make Birnam Wood your top housing preference. Space may not be available for all who request Birnam Wood, so be sure to select alternative housing preferences in our housing application. Two-bedroom apartments for married students or students with dependents are offered on a space-available basis contact Housing@wwu.edu for rates and availability.

These communities promote a lifestyle free of alcohol, marijuana, and all illegal substances. Students housed in these areas agree to abide by University policies and regulations regarding substance-free living; any student failing to do so will be sanctioned and may be moved to a community more suitable to their lifestyle choice.

  • Higginson Hall (floor 5)
  • Fairhaven Complex (stacks 7-8)
  • Mathes Hall (floors 1-3)
  • Nash Hall (floors 1-3)
  • Ridgeway Alpha (all floors)
  • Ridgeway Beta (stacks 5-6)
  • Ridgeway Gamma (stacks 7-8)

University Residences provides Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) for students wanting a room assignment that offers a supportive living environment for students whose gender identity and/or gender expression does not conform to the gender binary. Allies are also welcome and might include students who have gender nonconforming friends and LGBTQ+ family members, or who have been significantly involved in gender justice activism. The GIH community is located on the sixth floor of Buchanan Towers.

Unlike Gender Neutral Housing (GNH), Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) provides a programmatic element for a living-learning experience where students benefit from living among others who have chosen this community.

In Roommate Manager, both GIH/GNH choices will return roommate matches that are GIH/GNH.

Gender Neutral Housing (GNH), located in the Housing Options section, is for students wanting a room assignment that is not based upon gender. This option is not programmatic; it is considered a room type choice.

This housing option is for students wanting a room assignment and roommate that is not based upon gender (different from the Gender Inclusive Themed Community which emphasizes programming based upon gender nonconforming and gender justice issues).

In Roommate Manager, both GIH/GNH choices will return roommate matches that are GIH/GNH.

For students enrolled in the Honors Program, University Residences and the Honors Program collaboratively offer a living-learning experience in Edens Hall. Students benefit from living among a group that shares academic goals and interests and where residential programs and activities complement the classroom. To ensure successful placement in the Honors Program Community, apply to the program on time and select the Honors Program Community in your housing application. Space is limited!

For students enrolled in the Fairhaven College Sustainable Food Systems course, the Fairhaven Sustainable Food Community offers a living-learning experience in stack 11 of the Fairhaven Complex. Students will live, farm, cook and work together as they learn about agriculture, justice and sustainability in food systems.

Western offers residential experiences for students seeking exposure to other cultures, languages, and perspectives.

Japanese Roommate Experience

Hall residents can experience Japanese culture by being roommates with a students attending Western through the Asia University America Program, an English language and cultural orientation program for students enrolled at Asia University in Tokyo, Japan. The AUAP invites American roommates to get involved in its cultural programs and activities.

Buchanan Towers International Community

Buchanan Towers offers activities, events, and opportunities for organized interaction with international students, for students who want to explore global topics as a group, or for students returning from a study abroad who want to further their interest in international education.

Available exclusively to freshmen arriving fall quarter, the Viking Launch program gives participants a focused head-start on college live at Western. Students arrive on campus seven days early for an intensive week of study and preparation for a successful first year. Residents as cohort is an integral part of the program, so living on campus is required and participants are placed in the Fairhaven Complex or Ridgeway Kappa.

While Western does not have dedicated family housing, family apartments for students with dependents (spouse, domestic partner or children) are offered on a space available basis at Birnam Wood. Please contact Housing@wwu.edu if you plan to bring a family with you to campus.