Residential Communities

The residence halls on Western's campus consist of eight residential communities spread across three residential neighborhoods. Select a community below to find out more. 

North Campus

Nash building in the sun

Nash is located on the north side of campus and consists of 348 residents.

Mathes building in the sun

Neighbor to Nash, Mathes is on the north side of campus and can hold up to 300 residents.

Front view of Edens Hall

Located on North Campus, the Edens-Higginson community consists of the 490 residents of Edens Hall, Edens North and Higginson Hall.

The Ridge

A building in the Ridgeway complex

Located within the Ridgeway Complex, the SODA community consists of the 435 residents of Sigma, Omega, Delta, and Alpha.

An upward-facing view of Ridgeway Beta

Located within the Ridgeway Complex, the Beta-Gamma-Kappa Community consists of the 668 residents of Beta, Gamma and Kappa.

South Campus

A view of the outdoor area in the Fairhaven Complex

Fairhaven is a large residential community on South Campus which can hold 650 residents.

An upward-facing shot of the sun reflecting off of Buchanan Towers

Buchanan Towers is nestled on the far end of South Campus and houses 424 residents.

A view of the balconies at the Birnam Wood Apartments

Birnam Wood is an apartment community for residents with sophomore status and above. 520 residents share the space.

An outdoor view of the New York Apartments complex

Western Washington University leases select New York Apartments through Apex Property Management. New York apartments are located 0.2 miles away from campus and house 30 residents.