Guest Policy

A guest is an individual who is present in a residential building but is not a member of that building's residential community. Guests must have a residential host and be accompanied by a member of the building's residential community at all times. Residents are responsible for notifying guests of university and residence hall policies and procedures and will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests. Unescorted non-residents will be required to leave the building. 

  • Rights to sleep, study, and feel comfortable in one's own environment take precedence over social uses of a room. 
  • Residence hall keys or keyless entry devices (prox fobs/cards) may not be given to a guest for any reason. 
  • Overnight guests are permitted if it is acceptable to roommates. 
  • Guests may stay no more than three (3) consecutive nights and twelve (12) nights total over the course of a quarter. 
  • Guests are expected to use facilities appropriately.

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