Hey there! I'm absolutely thrilled to be continuing my journey in residence life for my last year here at WWU. I'm originally from New York, but have been slowly making my way around the world. Since my first year at Western I've been passionate about learning new things, meeting new people, and persevering through challenges. This upcoming spring I'll be graduating with a major in Sociology, with a double minor in Psychology and Anthropology. My dream is to pursue a graduate degree in family and child life, hopefully leading me into the career of a child life specialist. Besides meeting new people, I really enjoy staying active and working on creative projects. I've made my closest friends here in Bellingham and have found great joy in hobbies that I didn't expect; like dancing. As I reach the end of my time at Western I realize that's what the college experience is all about, building new relationships and discovering yourself through learning. I can't wait to meet you! I'm truly honored to be part of your WWU journey and wish you all the best. Don't be afraid to flag me down if you need a hand or just want to say hi. Have a good one!