Fall Housing FAQs

The University announced on Monday, June 15 that Fall 2020 classes will be mix of in-person and online classes.

What does that mean for housing? Take a look at the FAQs below for more information.

Looking for Spring or Summer Housing Information?

General FAQs

Working in tandem with Western’s overall strategy for safety, we are closely following the American College Health Association’s (ACHA) guidelines for campus housing programs. 

We will have single and double-occupancy rooms for fall quarter. Options for one or two person per room living based on residential type:

  • Hall-style residence halls will house one person per room
  • Suite-style residence halls and apartments will house two residents per room


Right now we are still finalizing what the residence halls will look like, and should soon be able to assess if students will be guaranteed housing, which we hope is the case.

Usually, we can balance the needs of returning and new students very well. This year, we are forced to get creative as we hope to serve all Western students while maintaining safety guidelines set by state, local and University health officials.  

We are working hard to create a safe housing experience that will include:

  • Options for one or two person per room living based on residential type
    • Hall-style residence halls will house one person per room
    • Suite-style residence halls and apartments will house two residents per room
  • Reduced, shared bathroom with increased custodial service
  • Planning for virtual and in-person events and meetings with live-in staff
  • Space on campus for quarantine and isolation for students who cannot travel home
  • Increased sanitation procedures by custodians in high traffic areas

We are developing plans to allow for all residence halls open to our residents. Working closely with local, state and University health officials we will ensure our occupancy standards comply with these safety guidelines.

Students will select their own rooms on campus for fall 2020. Find out more about our buildings at Explore the Buildings.

Housing is prepping for a multilayered response and will identify isolation space in the event a resident tests positive for coronavirus and quarantine space if a resident is exposed, but did not test positive.

Housing will continue to work closely with University, local, and state health departments to adhere to best practices and responses to the coronavirus.

Yes! Your student engagement experience will be different, but our Residence Life team is working hard to provide both virtual and in-person programming and meetings with live-in staff.

Our commitment to building community where you invest in academic success and personal growth remains a central component of our mission.

Housing is working with campus partners to find effective ways to limit exposure to residents and to ensure facility use is setup to encourage stay safe habits, like social distancing and wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces.

We expect to have room for all incoming students and active returners wishing to wait until their classes are in-person and housing occupancy returns to normal during the 2020-21 academic year.

Housing is considered an essential function of the University and would remain open even during a complete closure. Unless the University determines everyone must leave campus, housing will remain open to serve students who rely on living on campus.

Because this is a rapidly changing situationwe need to prepare for a range of possibilities.

Financial Information

Our room and board rates are posted!

Visit Room and Board Rates for up-to-date 2020-21 financial information.

We are not charging more than the double room rate to any residents living with us fall quarter. 

Please note: Posted winter and spring 2021 rates may be updated based on occupancy restrictions.

Visit Room and Board Rates for up-to-date 2020-21 financial information.

Yes, if all classes are all moved online and students wish to live off-campus, Housing will offer a pro-rated refund on their room and board rates until classes return to in-person delivery.


Dining halls will be open during the Fall 2020 to meet the demand of housing occupancy and to meet safety guidelines set by the local, state and University health officials. This may include to-go options as well as in-person dining with physical distancing practices in place.  Other safety measures include: 

  • All employees required to wear masks 
  • Health questions will be asked to employees prior to their shift 
  • Temperature checks will be performed prior to the beginning of staff members shifts 
  • Adjusted sneeze guards to act as barriers between the servers and customers 
  • Touchless payment options 
  • Enhanced signage in all locations focusing on physical distancing and hygiene protocols 
  • Strict cleaning and sanitation guidelines 

​​​​​​​Dining halls will have both to-go options and in-person dining options. Tables will be further apart as to follow the CDC’s physical distancing guidelines. Group size will also be limited for in-person seating options. 

​​​​​Dining information will be available to all on-campus students here: https://wwu.campusdish.com/  

Returning Residents

Given the rapidly changing environment, Housing is looking at a variety of different options to offer as many spaces as we can for people who wish to live with us next academic year.

We will send an email with updated Housing Renewal instructions several days after the soon to be released fall class schedule/location information.

As we prepare for fall, we will continue to communicate any updates and changes to your student email as quickly and efficiently as we can.

All residents who selected New York Apartments were sent an email informing them that University Residences terminated its 2020-21 lease for the New York Apartments, due to budget impacts related to the Coronavirus. 

If you want to live on or near campus for fall you have these options: 

  1. Contact Apex Property Management, who manages the New York Apartments, to ask about lease availability. Please note that agreements made with Apex are not WWU rental contracts and contain different deposits, fees, and rental term dates.
  2. For on campus housing you will receive another email from housing with more information once the soon to be announced fall class schedule/location information is posted.
  3. To secure off campus housing visit Off Campus Living for information on how to contact Bellingham property managers about rental options

For questions about Housing Renewal, contact Liam Cary-Eaves at caryeal@wwu.edu.

There are multiple likely scenarios as to why you your Housing Deposit was refunded

  1. You cancelled Housing for 2020-21
  2. You did not respond to our Survey and your application is in hold status
  3. You indicated on the Housing Survey that you don't want housing fall 2020, but you may winter/spring 2021

We are not legally able to hold your deposit over the quarter that you are not living on-campus with us. If you indicated that you may want housing winter/spring, we will ask you to pay your deposit upon offering housing as occupancy restrictions ease and revert back to normal.

If you are an eligible returning resident who indicated you may want housing in winter/spring in the Housing Renewal Redo survey sent out in June, you do not have to reapply.

If you are an eligible returning resident who did not respond to our survey in June, and may want housing winter/spring, email Housing@wwu.edu as soon as possible so that we can update your response.

If you are not an eligible returning resident, you must reapply.

Move In

We are in the process of planning move in now. Move in will be extended this year to spread out students arriving to campus over 5-6 days rather than the usual 3 days as in previous years.

We are looking at different services and options on how to bring items to campus early and how to drop off items, as well as sanitizing moving carts, spacing people out when entering the residence halls, considering virtual check ins, and more. 

Please note: we will provide all 2020 Fall Move In updates regarding dates, format, and instructions to our residents' student emails and on our Move In website

We are currently working on Move In planning. We are working hard to ensure our plan adheres to safe social distance guidelines for all of our residents moving in with us before classes begin on Sept. 23.