Mac OS

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NOTE: You MUST be connected to a WWU network to register a device.

Connect to Wireless

  1. From the list of available Wi-Fi networks, select "WWUwireless-Secure".
    Discoverable wireless connection list on MacOS


  2. To install the Certificate, select continue on the pop-up dialogue. Then, you will need to enter the password to your computer account (or an administrator of the machine). This is not your WWU account. It is the username and password to your computer.
    Prompt for trusting the WWU network certificate


  3. You will be prompted a second time for a username and password after the certificate successfully installs. This is the authentication for the wireless network. You will need to use your Universal ID and password for WWU.
    Security prompt asking for user's WWU Universal ID and password


You are now connected to the "WWUwireless-Secure" network!


The following methods may aid in getting you connected if you run into any problems. If you haven't already, make sure to Forget the Network if you have previously connected to the "WWUwireless-Secure" network.

Configure Network Settings

  1. Go to Apple > System Preferences and click “Network” at the top.
  2. Check that the correct network adapter is selected (Most likely “Built-in Ethernet”) and click TCP/IP.
  3. Select the “Configure IPv4” drop-down menu and make sure that “Using DHCP” is selected.
    MacOS network adapter settings on the TCP/IP tab


  4. If it was not, select it and click "Apply Now".
  5. Open a web browser to check your connection.