Personal Printers

ResTek does not support personal printers. If you are unable to set up your printer or you are having problems operating it, you can:

  • Consult the owner’s manual
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website
  • Contact the manufacturer
  • Contact the retailer from whom you purchased the printer in case they offer support

Wireless Printers & Security

While you are free to use and configure a wireless printer as you like, ResTek does not provide support for these devices.

Since the wireless connection is shared between everyone in the residence halls, we recommend against configuring a wireless printer on the WWUwireless networks. Depending on your printer and its configuration, it is possible that anyone else on the network could print wirelessly to your printer.

Instead, we recommend that you connect directly to your printer via USB when you wish to use it. To find out how to do this and how to turn off your printer’s wireless feature, please refer to your user manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Wi-Fi Direct

ResTek asks that students living in the residence halls NOT use this feature. Increasingly, new wireless printers use a technology called Wi-Fi Direct, which allows for wireless printing at home without an Internet connection. The printer itself acts as wireless router, broadcasting a signal that computers and other devices can connect to in order to print documents, BUT this signal disrupts the Wi-Fi signal provided by the ResTek network, causing poor performance for all users within a certain range of the printer.

Once again, we recommend simply connecting your computer to the printer via USB and printing in that manner.

Printers In Computer Labs

There are printers in most computer labs on campus, including those in the residence halls. If you move your documents to a portable USB drive or to your U: Drive, you can stop by a lab and print them out. (Cost info.)