TV Guide

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Remove TV remote from designated holder
  2. Turn on TV
  3. Press “Home” Button to select application
  4. Log into Application
  5. Enjoy your entertainment
  6. Log out of Application
  7. Turn off TV
  8. Place TV remote in designated holder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are multiple tools for Windows available when you look online for "Airplay for Windows". Please keep in mind that we have not tested these tools, and cannot guarantee that anything other than the official Airplay client can connect.

There is an E-manual on the TV, which is accessible by pressing the home button, and going to the left until you hit the settings icon. The E-manual app should appear above the selected option.

Samsung also has documentation for the TV available on their website

We're working on making an itemized list for you. Stay tuned!

We'll be upgrading some TVs during the year, come back here for updates!

Using Apple Airplay

  1. Connect to Western WiFi Network
  2. Select Airplay or Screenshare on Device
  3. Enter code shown on TV
  4. Begin sharing!

For more information, please visit the Apple Website