Mobile Devices

Connecting to Wireless


Note: If you are unable to connect, try these steps a second time. If the problem still persists, please submit an askResTek ticket.

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

1. Select the wireless network “WWUwireless-Secure”.

Wifi menu with network options

2. Enter your WWU Universal account username and password

Screenshot of iphone wifi menu to enter in username and password.

3. When prompted, accept the certificate by tapping “trust”.

Screenshot that prompts you to accept the certificate.

4. You are now connected!

Screenshot of confirmation of wifi connectivity.


1. Open “Settings” from the menu on your Android device.

2. Under the “Connections” heading, select “Wi-Fi”
Be sure to toggle the switch next to Wi-Fi to enable your device’s Wi-Fi

Screenshot of Android wifi menu options.

3. A list of available wireless networks will appear below. Select WWUwireless-Secure.

Screenshot of a list of available networks with WWUwireless-Secure selected.

4. A box for the WWUwireless-Secure will open. In the “Identity” and “Password” fields, enter your universal ID and password in their respective boxes.
If you have more then one option for “CA certificate” select “Do not validate”
If a domain is required, try "" or ""

Screenshot of pop-up menu to put in your universal ID and password in "identity" and "password" fields.

You should now be able to connect to the WWUwireless-Secure network on your Android device! 


1. Find the MAC Address of your kindle. (from home, Menu > Settings, under Device Info it’s the Wi-Fi MAC Address)

2. Once you have found your device’s MAC Address, you can Register Your Device.

3. Once your device is registered, you can connect it to the WWUwireless-alt network.