Residential Internet

ResTek offers wireless (Wi-Fi) and Ethernet (wired) internet access in all rooms, common areas, and lounges in the Western Washington University residence halls. Here is a brief description of the different networks and their purposes. Instructions to connect your various devices can be found through the Get Online tab.

WWUwireless-Secure: This is the standard network you will want to connect your computer, phone, or tablet to. WWUwireless-Secure provides encryption, meaning that your data cannot be spied on; which makes this network safe for sensitive things like banking. A security certificate will need to be downloaded before connecting to this network, but, most devices automatically download this the first time you connect.  Both -Secure and -Alt do not require you to log in every time you want to access the internet.

WWUwireless: This network allows temporary internet access if there are issues with -secure. If you are only using this network and cannot get onto -Secure, please notify us using one of the methods below, as we would love to help get things sorted out. It is in your best interest to be using -Secure.

WWUwireless-Guest: This network is not secure and is for our temporary conference or other guests. This network will also show up during the school year in some halls, but you will not have a need to connect to it if you are a WWU student or staff living and/or working in the residence halls.

eduroam: Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a service that allows visiting faculty, staff, and students from participating institutions to connect to secure WiFi at other participating institutions around the world.

Ethernet: Wired internet service is provided as well if you so choose to use it. It is a common misconception that connecting via Ethernet will be faster than using the wireless network, but this is not true anymore. That’s not to say Ethernet does not have its uses however, such as for internet-capable devices that do not have wireless capability. One thing to note is that only one Ethernet port in each room is active (the left port). If that port is not working, please notify us using the contact methods below.