Room Visits

If ResTek is unable to resolve an issue over phone or email, they will schedule a time to visit a student in their residence hall room. In some cases, a ResTek room visit may lead to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with the student’s equipment, in which case a referral will be made to Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS), who will also visit the student’s room.

The following are the various policies for ResTek & EIS room visits.


Depending on the situation, a ResTek Consultant may ask you to meet them at the front door of your building to let them in. They should be clearly wearing their ResTek badge. Once they arrive, they will follow several room visit policies:

  • Open Door Policy – To ensure that students feel safe and comfortable with staff entering their personal space, the door to the room will be propped open, and the student(s) must be present in the room as long as the staff member is there.
  • Hands Off Policy – ResTek staff are here to help you learn about your machine and its connections to our network. With this in mind, staff will not touch students’ devices. Whether it’s an Xbox or a laptop computer, ResTek staff will ask you to use the controller or keyboard and will guide you through the steps. In some specific cases, such as when the student speaks little English, ResTek staff may suspend this policy.
  • Ground Up Policy – When troubleshooting issues on a student’s device, ResTek staff will start “from the ground up” and will check the simplest things first, such as whether or not an Ethernet cable is properly plugged in, before attempting advanced troubleshooting. This may mean they will ask you to try things you’ve already done yourself. We want to be thorough, so please be patient. We don’t want to miss anything.



With some issues, dead Ethernet jacks, wireless signal strength, and dead cable TV jacks, ResTek will refer the problem to Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS). EIS is a separate department at Western, and they do several things differently than ResTek on a room visit. If a ResTek employee tells you to expect a room visit from Telecom, here’s what you should expect:

  • EIS staff will visit sometime between 10 AM and 5 PM.
  • Due to the nature of their work, they won’t specify a specific date or time beforehand.
  • When arriving at your room, EIS staff will knock several times and announce themselves. If no one answers the door, they will let themselves in to get their tasks done.
  • Students do not have to be present for a EIS visit. Due to their hours, it’s likely Telecom will come by while you’re still in class.