Western Card Office

Student Bus Pass

The student card is now a bus pass!

You can get more information about the bus pass and the student shuttle from Western Student Transportation, or you can get information about bus routes and schedules from Whatcom Transit Authority.

Viking Tips:

Viking Tips

Please refrain from punching a hole in your card.

Who qualifies for a bus pass?

Anyone taking 6 or more credits may receive a bus pass, since the fee becomes mandatory at 6 credits.

If you are taking between 1-5 credits, you may choose to OPT-IN.

Remember that your bus pass is active the entire academic year as long as you are taking 6 or more credits each quarter. WTA bus passes only need to be re-encoded at the beginning of each academic year and summer quarter.

OPT-IN: There is a $26.25 fee to purchase a bus pass, assessed quarterly. Just come in to our office and fill out a form to get a bus pass. (The Opt-In fee for Summer is $21.)

Please take care of your Western Card

Now that Western Cards are being used as bus passes, in addition to their use at dining facilities, the Recreation Center, and copy machines, it is more important than ever that you take good care of the card.

When not in use, please keep your card in a wallet or some other protected place, in order to protect it from premature wear. Excessive wear can result in the card failing to work, causing you inconvenience, and possibly costing you an $8 Replacement Fee.

How do I replace a bus pass/Western Card?

If you lost your bus pass, or it has stopped working, come to the Western Card Office for a replacement.

All you will need is your Western Card or a valid government issued photo ID.

Staff and Faculty

The Western Card Office only distributes student bus passes. Faculty/Staff bus passes are available online or by appointment at Transportation Services.

Parking Permits

Your Western Card Does NOT Serve as an After Hours Parking Permit

If you are eligible for a bus pass, you can obtain a hang tag parking pass from the Parking Services office open Mon-Fri 7:15am-4:30pm.