Project PW737 MB University Residences Access Controls

No Noise Work

During Prep and Finals Week, work will be reduced to fewer hours and is classified as No Noise Work.


March 1, 2020 through September 16, 2020


Work will be focused primarily in shared / public areas of UR buildings. The contractor will be installing electrical conduit from mechanical spaces to exterior and interior doors and adding electronic access controls hardware at respective doors as appropriate.


Dawson Construction (Contractor) under direction of Facilities Development & Capital Budget Office (FDCB).


This project will enhance security through the addition of electronic access controls doors, providing keyless entry, minimizing the potential for costly rekeying efforts, and providing door access accountability.

Impacted Areas

Edens North
Ridgeway Sigma
Ridgeway Omega
Ridgeway Delta
Ridgeway Alpha
Birnam Wood
Birnam Wood Community Building (lower laundry room exterior entry)
Birnam Wood Remote Laundry Building

Student Impacts

  • Construction related noise, vibrations, utility outages, other inconveniences will occur during noted work schedule hours.

  • Parking and Contractor staging area location will be on the North side of Fairhaven Academic building near the pedestrian pathway.

3-Week Look Ahead Schedule

Near future milestones are shown below. We will continue providing you similar project updates moving forward as appropriate.

  • Week of March 2, 2020: Contractor site mobilization and set up of staging area north of FA.

  • Week of March 9, 2020: Running of conduit / cabling at BW Community Center and Laundry buildings.

  • Week of March 16, 2020: Continued electrical work at BW Community Center and Laundry buildings.

Contact Info

Nathan Clark (Project Manager) at 360-650-7720 or

Terence Symonds (UR Facilities) at 360-393-5909 or