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Front Desk

Location: Buchanan Towers Classic 116

Open Daily 1 - 9 p.m.

Desk phone: 360-650-6218

Mailing Address

Resident's Name

Hall name + room number

516 High Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

Assistance outside front desk hours?

From 9 p.m. - 7 a.m. 

RA on Call: 360-303-3182

(If no answer, contact UPD at 360-650-3555)

From 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. 

UPD: 360-650-3555


A room with several chairs and small tables

Buchanan Towers hosts dining, TV, gaming, piano, quiet, and study lounges.

Computer Lab

A computer lab with overhead lighting and an outdoor window

Located in Buchanan Towers East 114. See ResTek for more information.

Laundry Rooms

A laundry room with front and top loading machines.

Each contains 1-2 washers and dryers and some contain a sink.

Professional Live-In Staff

Erin Miller

Close up of Erin smiling at the camera

Supervising Resident Director


BT 117

LaQuae Aughtman

Close up of LaQuae smiling at the camera

Assistant Resident Director


BT 118

Student Staff

Anna Russon

Anna smiles at the camera

Residential Office Assistant

Travis Breysse

Travis smiles at the camera with straw hanging in teeth

Inclusion Assistant

Kess Nelson

Kess smiles for the camera in front of a red brick walll

Resident Advisor

BT 201-208; 225

Josue Carlos

Josue smiles at the camera with a backpack on

Resident Advisor

BT 301-318

Kaycee Campbell

Closeup of Kaycee on Western's campus

Resident Advisor

BT 401-410 and 425

Elliot Martin

Elliot Martin

Resident Advisor

BT 411 - 418

Riuka Rodriguez

Riuka looking over the right shoulder at the camera

Resident Advisor

BT 501-510; 525

Kalaeb Scwindt

Kalaeb smiles at the camera while standing on a bluff overlooking the ocean

Resident Advisor

BT 511-518

Katie Boon

Katie smiling at the camera on a mountain covered in snow

Resident Advisor

BT 601-610

Kate Yeoman

Kate profile

Resident Advisor

BT 611-617

Clairiz Nel

Side profile of Clairiz in a striped top

Resident Advisor

BT 701-710; 725

Kaitlin Losansky

Kaitlin smiles at the camera

Resident Advisor

BT 711-718

Jamie Reed

Jamie leaning against a concrete wall and smiling at the camera

Resident Advisor

BT 801-818; 825

Avery Johnston

Avery standing and smiling at the camera on a sunny day

Resident Advisor

BT East 162-367

Spencer Iverson

side shot of Spence sitting under a tent on grass.

Resident Advisor

BT East 462-567

Desk Attendants

Amanda Bertand profile
Amanda Bertand
Chloe Egeberg profile
Chloe Egeberg
Keegan Hebert profile
Keegan Hebert
Michelle Matsuzawa profile
Michelle Matsuzawa
Soojin Park profile
Soojin Park

Buchanan Towers Double Room

BT Furnishing:

Bedroom: Beds, mattresses, chairs, desks and wardrobes

Living Area: couch, chair, coffee and end tables

Kitchenette: refrigerator, sink, and stove

Bed Storage Space (Inches): Low/High Single : 16.5 – 30.5

BT Room Dimensions: Average double room: approx. 169 sq. ft. Average suite: approx. 615 sq. ft.

BT Flooring: Vinyl tile

BT Lighting: Ceiling lights in student rooms and floor lamp in common area

Please note: actual room layouts may vary.

Buchanan Towers East Double Room

BT East Furnishing:

Bedroom: Beds, mattresses, chairs, dressers and closets.

Living Area: couch, two lounge chairs, coffee/end tables, bookcase, table lamp, and desk for each student.

Coming fall 2019: Kitchens

Bed Storage Space (Inches): Low/High Single : 16.5 – 30.5

BT East Room Dimensions: Average double room: approx. 168 sq. ft. Average suite: approx. 850 sq. ft.

BT East Flooring: Carpet or sealed concrete

BT East Lighting: Ceiling lights and table lamps for desks.

Buchanan Towers Community Council

Members of the Buchanan Towers Community Council


Hall council leadership is a great way to meet new people and make an impact in your community. Some past events have included karaoke nights, creativity for a cause, Lakewood picnics and watersports, dodgeball tournaments, intramural sports, social justice programming, movie nights, wellness week, community service opportunities and academic support events…just to name a few!

There will be a Kick Off event that will provide more information during the first week of fall quarter, with elections occurring in October. For more information about hall council, talk to your Resident Advisor and keep an eye out for posters or Facebook posts promoting the events!

Read more about Community Councils