Checkout Procedure

The Housing Agreement requires residents to follow proper checkout procedure when moving out at any time for any reason. Typical reasons for moving out include graduation, moving off campus, or transferring rooms within University Housing. See our Financial Information page for complete information about contract breakage fees, housing deposit refunds, and more.

  1. Schedule a room inspection. Make a plan for when you will officially check out based upon your final exam schedule, the checkout deadline, commencement, transportation or other variables. Once you determine your move-out date, make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to have your room inspected by your resident advisor. The deadline to checkout at the end of the quarter is 4 p.m. on the last day of the quarter; failure to meet the deadline will result in a $35 improper checkout fee and other possible charges. If commencement ceremonies or transportation issues conflict with the checkout deadline, contact your resident director in advance for permission to stay until noon Saturday.
  2. Notify your roommates and suitemates that you are moving out. Discuss responsibility for any damage that occurred while you were living in your room and/or suite. Charges for cleaning, damage, missing items or trash disposal are automatically split between roommates/suitemates unless you clarify individual responsibility at the time of inspection.
  3. Vacate and clean your share of the space. You are expected to leave your room clean, empty and properly assembled for the next person to move in. Take out your trash, recycling and compost. Please rinse out your compost bin and leave it in your room. Anything you leave behind may be removed, donated, or disposed at your expense. University Residences intends to make reasonable efforts to protect your belongings, but the University is not responsible for any damage or loss.
  4. Complete your room inspection. Your resident advisor will assess the condition of your room while you are present. Individual responsibility for damage or missing items should be clarified during the inspection. If you checked out any bed parts to alter your bed, you must return those bed parts and leave your bed in its original configuration.
  5. Check out in person at your front desk. Go to your community's front desk to hand in your keys and sign a checkout receipt. If you are unable to checkout during desk hours, you must make arrangements in advance with your resident director. Failure to turn in keys when you check out will result in key charges that could exceed $300 depending on the number of doors affected. Checking out in person is required even if you have lost your keys.