Community Councils


  • Serve as the voice of the residential community to campus partners, groups and organizations
  • Plan and implement educational, recreational and social programs for the community
  • Motivate and involve residents in the planning and implementation of educational, social and recreational activities
  • Ethically appropriate funds allocated to the residence halln by University Residences
  • Promote the general welfare of the students of the community through intentional outreach efforts
  • Serve as a policy-making body in setting guidelines and procedures for the community and its residents

The Executive Team

  • President
  • Vice President of Community Engagement
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Vice President of Outreach and Records
  • Vice President of Recognition
  • Vice President of Community Representation

Election of the Executive Team and Other Officers

Until elections are held in early November, hall council consists only of the community’s general membership. This means that during the months of September and October, all residents are invited to attend the general council meetings and participate in both weekend and Halloween programming. The election process will be announced at a general council meeting leading up to the election date. All general members and candidates in attendance at the election meeting will be eligible to vote.

Individual Councils

To learn more about a specific council, visit its Residential Community page.