Transferring Rooms

Students wishing to change rooms may initiate a transfer request through the MyHousing portal no sooner than the second week of the quarter. Transfer requests may take several weeks or longer to process depending on available housing and resident requests.

Please note that requests from residents who are open to more buildings, room types (Single/Double/Triple), and rates (Value/Standard/Premium) will be expedited. Residents with specific requests or limited interest may experience longer wait times due to limited availability.

Residents may request a specific room to live with a friend who has a vacancy. However, University Residences reserves the right to use any open space for accommodation and cannot guarantee or hold space for this type of request.

Residents seeking a transfer for medical related needs are encouraged to contact the Disability Access Center for assistance and accommodation.

After receiving official authorization to move, students must set up a room inspection with their RA. Forgoing this inspection, or unauthorized room changes, transfers, or room swaps, may result in an improper checkout fee or key charge.

While we cannot provide you with a timeframe of when to expect a room transfer offer, we encourage you to reach out to your Resident Director for any concerns.