Self-Checkout Instructions

1. Contact your resident advisor

Begin the checkout process by notifying your resident advisor of your plans to move out. Your RA will walk you through the self-checkout steps and assist with any questions you might have about the check out process.

2. Vacate and clean your share of the space

Leave your room clean and properly assembled. Any additional bed parts should be left in your room. UR Facilities will remove the bed parts for you. Please return your bed to its original configuration if you are capable of doing so. Anything you leave behind will be marked as abandoned property and removed at your expense.

3. Turn in self-checkout envelope

Fill out front of envelope, secure your keys inside, and turn in one of two ways:

  1. At your building's front desk when open (check your Residential Community page).
  2. In key envelope drop box near front desk if available

When other options are not available, contact your RA on-call to make arrangements for turning in your keys. Failure to turn in keys may result in re-key charges of up to $500.

4. Stop using your meal plan

If you are moving out of a residence hall, your meal plan will automatically terminate on the day you check out. Using your meal plan after your checkout date will result in additional charges. If you are moving out of an apartment, email to cancel your optional plan.

5. Redirect your postal mail and packages

If you are moving off of campus completely, inform Western of your new mailing address by updating Web4U; please wait 3-5 business days after checking out before you can make this change.