Prohibited Items

  • Alcohol: See Alcohol, Possession or Use Of.
  • Personal Beds or Bed Parts: Non-university mattresses, non-university beds, non-university bed parts, homemade bed modifications, and water-filled mattresses.
  • Drugs: See Drugs, Possession or Use Of.
  • Firearms & Weapons: Firearms, ammunition, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, Airsoft guns, rockets, hunting knives, switchblades, slingshots, sticks/clubs, laser pointers, explosives, dangerous chemicals, toy guns that look real.
  • Flammable Materials & Explosives: Explosives, fireworks, gasoline or any other flammable materials; candles, incense, or any other open-flamed device, decorations made from cut, resin-bearing trees or vegetation such as fir, pine, cedar, spruce and eucalyptus.
  • Hazardous Electronics: electric hotplates, burners, toasters, toaster ovens, electric space heaters and halogen lamps.
  • Pets: See Animals in Residence.