Prohibited Items

  • Alcohol: See Alcohol, Possession or Use Of.
  • Personal Beds or Bed Parts: Permitted: one set of store-bought bed risers, measuring 1 foot or shorter with a broad base, are permitted (multiple sets cannot be stacked on each other). Prohibited: Non-university mattresses, non-university beds, and non-university bed parts (unless through an approved university accommodation), homemade bed risers / modifications, water-filled mattresses, and wood, bricks or cement blocks used to prop beds.
  • Drugs: See Drugs, Possession or Use Of.
  • Explosives & Weapons: See Explosives & Weapons.
  • Flammable Materials: Gasoline or any other flammable materials; candles, incense, or any other open-flamed device, decorations made from cut, resin-bearing trees or vegetation such as fir, pine, cedar, spruce and eucalyptus. Also, see Candles & Incense.
  • Hazardous Electronics: See Electrical Equipment & Appliances.
  • Pets: See Animals in Residence.