Authorized Entry

Residential Buildings

Residential buildings are locked at all times and no persons, except those listed below, are authorized to enter. If you believe someone has entered your building without authorization, notify the front desk (if open) or the University Police at 360-650-3555 or 360-650-3911 (if there is an emergency situation). Certain public areas on the ground floors of the Fairhaven Administration building, Alma Clark Glass main floor, and Buchanan Towers are unlocked and open to all members of the University community during business hours.

  • Residential students and invited guests
  • University staff on University business and wearing University ID badges
  • Non-University personnel on University Business and wearing University visitor badges
  • Alumni, prospective students and families on official campus tours
Residential Rooms 

University personnel respect every student's right to privacy, safety and security. University Residences has the right to enter any residence hall room or apartment for the purpose of facilities inspection, maintenance requests, student health and wellness and other official University business. Depending on the reason for entry, students typically receive notification 24 hours in advance.

Per standard protocol, University personnel will knock twice, while announcing themselves. If there is no answer, they will announce themselves once more upon entry of the room or apartment. Staff will be wearing University ID badges.

If University personnel discover policy violations while in a student's room, appropriate follow-up will occur.