Living Learning Communities

Black Affinity Housing

Affinity-based housing is designed to assist members of the Black identified community in supporting each other. It helps to create an added level of psychological comfort and safety for those who choose to live in those spaces. Creating these safer spaces, in collaboration campus resources, will benefit the entire community. 

Pride Housing: An LGBTQ+ Living Learning Community

Pride Housing provides a home for students who are particularly seeking an LGBTQ+ affirming and gender-inclusive living experience.  Pride Housing will: 

  •  Build a caring and connected community among residents in Pride Housing.  

  •  Provide students with opportunities for learning about development of their own multidimensional personal and social identities.  

  •  Connect residents with resources across campus that promote academic success and personal wellness.  

Unlike Gender Neutral Housing (GNH), Pride Housing provides a programmatic element for a living-learning experience where students benefit from living among others who have chosen this community. 

Students who request Pride Housing: 

  • will also need to declare their Housing Gender as Neutral. 

  • who want a roommate(s) also requesting the Pride Housing are directed into the Gender Neutral roommate pool, but should also note their interest in Pride Housing on their roommate search bio. 

  • will only be able to select a room in the Pride Housing. 

Honors Program Community

For students enrolled in the Honors Program, University Residences and the Honors Program collaboratively offer a living-learning experience in Edens Hall. Students benefit from living among a group that shares academic goals and interests and where residential programs and activities complement the classroom. To ensure successful placement in the Honors Program Community, apply to the program on time and select the Honors Program Community in your housing application. Space is limited! 

Viking Launch Community

Available exclusively to freshmen arriving fall quarter, the Viking Launch program gives participants a focused head-start on college life at Western. Students arrive on campus seven days early for an intensive week of study and preparation for a successful first year. Residents as cohort is an integral part of the program, so living on campus is required and participants are placed in the Fairhaven Complex or Ridgeway Kappa.