Residence Hall Association

RHA group photo, 2018

What is RHA?

The student government is organized into three levels at Western Washington University; the Associated Students (AS), the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and then the hall councils. Think of RHA as the "hall council of hall councils". This set up allows information to pass from higher levels in the college to the students being affected by their decisions, and passing feedback and opinions back to head honchos. As a group, the entire RHA council acts as a voice for the university's residents living on campus, making decisions that range in impact from affecting individual halls to campus wide policies. RHA also works to encourage communication not only between these three student bodies, but also throughout the residential communities and students in them.

What does RHA do?

  • Provides funding for programs and activities that enhance the lives of residential students
  • Serves as a communication link between all the Residence Halls
  • Reviews policies/procedures regarding on-campus living
  • Represents Western at the regional (PACURH) and national (NACURH) level
  • Provides leadership training/opportunities for students living on campus
  • Puts on programming for the benefit of residents on campus and the student population as a whole

Contact Information

The RHA office is located in Edens 114. You may also contact us by phone at 360-650-4782.