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Residential Leadership Opportunities

"[I have learned] how to build relationships with people beyond those in my immediate circle of friends. I know almost everyone in my stack and would feel comfortable saying hi to them and talking to them, and I think that's a pretty great thing." – Anonymous, 2011

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Many leadership opportunities exist for students in the residence halls and apartments. The chance to learn leadership skills as a member of various residence hall committees and councils can be a valuable experience. Service of this type may come by being elected to a formal office in your community or by being chosen to represent your community on the Residence Hall Association (RHA).

Hall & Community Councils

The University encourages active democratic decision-making through hall councils (residence halls) and tenants council (apartments). Students and staff members work to develop a stimulating, enjoyable living environment for all residents by planning events and programs to help students get to know one another and the University.

Activities sponsored by the halls in the past include dances, films, inter-hall volleyball competition, dinners, career programs, leadership skills training, concerts, and cultural events.

The list of hall directories can be found here.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is comprised of representatives from each residence hall and apartment complex. This group acts as a central communications organization among individual residences, other student organizations, the faculty and administration. RHA serves as a central policy-reviewing body in regard to issues pertaining directly to resident students, functions as a general resource for residential groups and communities, and helps determine what facilities and services will be provided in the halls. A budget is administered by RHA and used to fund campus-wide events and individual hall activities. Past activities which have involved RHA include Casino Night and a host of inter-hall events. If you would like to become a member of RHA, please contact your hall staff.

The Residence Hall Association office is located in Edens Administrative, room 114.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

This group recognizes the top 1% of residents living on campus who have contributed outstanding service to University Residences. The organization works to represent the four national pillars of leadership, recognition, service and academic.

Students apply for membership. Membership applications are considered quarterly and an induction ceremony is held in the spring to honor those selected. NRHH also coordinates campus-wide community service events and provides monthly recognition of student and staff leaders. NRHH also coordinates and selects the outstanding Hall of the Year.

The NRHH office is located in the Edens Administrative, room 114.

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