University Residences

University Residences

Roommate Search

Roommate Search is a search tool for housing applicants that wish to find prospective roommates. By creating an anonymous screen name, you can safely search for a roommate that is right for you.

  • Get started by creating a screen name, and complete the roommate survey and personal profile. Please remember that we support this site and request you use appropriate communication and language.
  • Under the search tab you can explore other profiles and see how they rank in our compatibility index.
  • Once you have identified a compatible match, you must invite them to be your roommate with Roommate Invite.

This site is part of the University community and users must abide by the WWU Student Rights and Responsibilities Code (WAC 516-23). You are obligated to be courteous and civil in your communications. Report remarks that are perceived as harassing or discriminatory to Communications will be monitored regularly by University staff for the purpose of assuring a safe, legal environment.

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