University Residences

University Residences

Student Jobs in University Residences

University Residences offers a broad range of student jobs for those seeking to apply their talents, gain transferable skills, and acquire valuable work experience. Positions range from entry level to paraprofessional, and each one offers flexible hours that allow you to balance your work life and your academic goals. In addition, University Dining Services employs over 500 students in Western’s dining halls, cafés, markets and catered events. Employment as a student staff member enables you to:

  • Work within walking distance of classes, home and campus activities.
  • Reduce your college costs and student loans.
  • Build a network of friends and professional colleagues.
  • Gain skills that enhance your coursework and prepare you for a professional career.
  • Receive training, professional development and opportunities for advancement.
  • Discover the roles and functions of a university department and the way it connects to Western’s greater mission.

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