University Residences

University Residences

About Kappa

Kappa Hall is one of eight buildings in the Ridgeway Complex community. It houses on average 225 residents and is located in the middle of the greater Western Washington University campus. From Kappa the rec center, South campus, North Campus is all about a 10 minute walk downhill. Coming up will be uphill, but think about the workout your legs will get! Kappa is located next to the Ridgeway Commons which houses the dining hall and the computer lab where students can do their printing. There is also a machine to add money to your laundry card.

The Floors

Kappa used to be two buildings known as Kappa and Theta. There are four floors in Kappa and none of them connect to each other except for the third floor. Kappa Hall has been compared to Hogwarts; there are lots of twists and turns and hidden hallways that residents are always discovering even after living in the community for awhile. Each floor is grouped by gender with the exception of the fourth floors being half male and half female. The second floor of Kappa is an Alcohol-Free floor.

Kappa Front Desk and Logistics

Kappa's second floor houses the front desk, the Resident Director's office and the main lounge. Students can pick up their mail and check out equipment from the front desk.

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