University Residences

University Residences

The Kappa Community


Front Desk

Kappa is part of the Ridgeway community and is home to 235 residents. Front desk services include daily mail, lockout keys, equipment loan, room check-in and check-out. Items available include board games, DVDs, recreational equipment, cooking utensils, broom, dustpan, etc.

Resident Director

Dong Vo

Dong Vo photo

Flameo Kappa Katz! My name is Dong Vo and I am very excited to be the Resident Director for Kappa!! I am a true blue Western Alumni with a degree in accounting and human resource management. I have lived in the great Pacific Northwest my entire life and enjoy seeing all of the seasonal changes. I am an avid sailor and very proud of my knowledge of 90s boy bands. Feel free to stop by to say "Hi" or swap stories with me over coffee. Buckle your seat belts because this will be an awesome year!

Administrative Assistant

Erik Hasstedt

Erik Hasstedt photo

Hello! I am from Mill Creek, Wash., and a junior studying for a double major in psychology and communication. I love playing games of all kinds, from video games and board games to racquetball or ping pong, and I am always looking for new people to play with. I have been involved with Reslife since coming to campus. This year I will be a moderator for Humans vs Zombies here on Western's campus. My favorite things about Western are the diverse culture and the friendliness of the students who attend. This year I look forward to doing whatever I can to help both new and returning students feel welcome in their home away from home.

Resident Advisers

Lauren Brigolin

Lauren Brigolin photo

Hey everybody! I'm a sophomore here at Western and have interests in theater, design and business, and I plan on majoring in two of those three interests! I am involved with the up and coming club that is Viking Radio Theatre and I love the Dead Parrot Society. I also go with friends to support WWU's superb athletic teams. My favorite thing about Western is the people, hands down! I can't wait to meet more of the amazing people that attend our school. I am thrilled to be in the position to help anyone! I'm a very open minded person, who enjoys going out and playing sports, but I'm also a sucker for sitting down and watching a movie with delicious popcorn. This year is sure to be a great one, I hope everyone is excited!

Miranda Smedley

Miranda Smedley photo

Hi everyone! I am a senior at Western and I am working toward a dual endorsement for special education and elementary education. I was born and raised in Seattle, Wash., but I proudly call Bellingham my second home. Western's friendly community, well renowned teaching program and easy access to the great outdoors drew me here. My freshman year I lived in Mathes Hall, but during my sophomore and junior year I lived off campus with friends. I like to think I have experienced firsthand what Bellingham has to offer both on and off campus. With every year I spend here, I grow to love Western and Bellingham more and more. Among many things I like to run, bike, swim, hammock, play soccer, do yoga, go to Zumba, attend school events at Western, and spend time with friends and family. This year I will continue to be involved with the Associated Students club To Write Love On Her Arms and Western's upstream suicide prevention program, BRAVE. When you see me around please don't be afraid to introduce yourself or ask me any questions you may have. I am here to help! Although our time in Kappa is limited, I am excited to get to know all of you!

Sharon Templeton

Sharon Templeton photo

Hi, I am pumped to be an RA in Kappa this year and I'm super excited to meet all of you and get to know you over the course of the school year! This is my second year as an RA and I am starting my junior year at Western with a major in political science and a minor in energy policy. Needless to say, I have a soft spot for marathons of "The West Wing" and anything to do with Gwen Ifill. I love living in the Pacific Northwest and I have a strong affection for rain, hiking, bookstores, and good coffee. I also have played Trombone for the past 10 years and am part of the Viking Band which plays at WWU sporting events. This is going to be an exciting and magical year and don't be afraid to stop by my room and say hi!

Ethan Tilly

Ethan Tilly photo

Aloha! The name is Ethan but I have been known to go by Mclovin. Somehow this will be my third year here at Western. And while my time here has gone quicker than ever, this school and city have made me who I am today. I love it so much here that I have switched majors three times. I am now a behavioral neuroscience major with hopes of going on to grad school to study psychopharmacology. I can be a slow learner but this will be my second year as an RA on the ridge, so I am stoked for this year mainly because I will actually know what I am doing. I love this job because of the relationships I get to have and the support I get to provide for everyone. I really enjoy pretty much every sport, working out, hanging with friends, being in Hawaii, and listening to my boy Snoop. If you see a Mclovin look alike feel free to say "Chicka Chicka" to get my attention. I'm stoked to get to know as many people as possible!

Desk Attendants

Kyle Manske

Kyle Manske

Hi, I am a junior studying psychology. I like snowboarding, theater, and playing Super Smash Bros' Melee. One of my favorite things about Western is the location. I love being so close to the water and having so many hiking trails nearby. I look forward to meeting new people in the community.

William Sims

William Sims

Hello people! I am a junior this year and in the pre-major for MSCM (manufacturing and supply-chain management). I am involved in the CCF community as a core-facilitator which means in non-acronym type verbiage that I will be a youth group leader for the campus ministry know as Campus Christian Fellowship. I also love to play pretty much every sport and often sign up for intramural volleyball and soccer. One of my favorite things about Western is the community. Everyone, even at a stranger level, is very friendly and not holding a door open for somebody is essentially a crime. I'm looking forward to leading a small group and getting into my major this year and getting to be a DA again!! Just so you all know, I love me some Pokén and I like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings as well. Let me know if you ever wanna do a movie marathon! So hi this is me, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance!

Celina Munoz

Celina Munoz

Hello, there! I am a history major here at WWU. I am very excited to be a desk attendant in Ridgeway Kappa, especially because I spent my freshman year living in Ridgeway Alpha! My hobbies include spending time outdoors, cooking, knitting, reading, and (of course) history! I am a member of the WWU chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta historical honor society, where I have met some amazing friends and history students. One of my favorite things about WWU is the incredibly welcoming community, and I'm eager to become a greater part of it. I hope to see you around, and look forward to a great final year at Western!

Natalie Kim

Natalie Kim photo

Hello! My name is Natalie and I will be a sophomore this year. I will be living in Buchanan Towers, having lived in Alpha within the SHADO community last year. I have yet to declare a major, but I am looking at something either in education or psychology. Some of my hobbies include putting on a full face of makeup half way through the day, painting my nails and immediately peeling it off, and wearing black almost exclusively. I am so excited to be a DA this year. I feel it will give me the opportunity to build a strong community and welcome everyone into it with open arms. My goal is to make everyone feel as comfortable and at home as I did when I first got to Western. Do be shy to stop by the Kappa desk and say hi!

Hall Council Board

Meets weekly on Mondays 8:00 p.m. in Kappa Main Lounge.

Vice President
RHA Representative
RCC Representatives
Service Learning Representative
Area Representatives
Western Votes Representative
Computer Labs
  • Ridgeway Commons 114: See ResTek for more information.
  • Kappa 131, 202, 301,362, 401, 449: Contain a two-burner electric stove and a sink.
  • Kappa 249: Contains a four-burner electric stove, full-size oven and a microwave.
Laundry Rooms
  • Kappa 128: Contains six washers, seven dryers and two sinks.
  • Kappa 131: Games/TV Lounge (w/foosball, ping pong, and pool tables)
  • Kappa 250: Main Lounge
  • Kappa 254: Study Lounge
  • Kappa 337, 362, 499: Floor Lounges
Resident Mailboxes
  • Near the Front Desk in the Kappa Main Lounge.
Vending Machines
  • Kappa Main Lounge: near the Front Desk.

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